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Carolina Jessamine
Cooperative Extension

Carolina Yards: Online Course

About the Course

Want to learn more about the principles of environmentally friendly landscaping? This asynchronous, online class will provide information and techniques to help you create and maintain a more environmentally friendly landscape.

Participants are encouraged to complete at least 18 action items from the Carolina Yards Scorecard in order to receive Carolina Yard Certification although yard certification is not mandatory. The course is organized into modules which must be completed in sequential order.

Each of the 12 content modules contains five parts: Action Guide, Presentation(s), Resources, Discussion, Quiz. The is an ungraded course so quiz scores don’t impact your success in the course unless you wish to earn a badge. A badge is a digital credential that can be included in your email signature, resume, and social media destinations. Those seeking a badge must earn at least 80% on each module’s quiz.

The Carolina Yards online course is offered annually beginning the third week in March and is 10 weeks in length. Please contact the course coordinator for more information.

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Cooperative Extension Carolina Yards
Cooperative Extension Carolina Yards | 103 Barre Hall Clemson, SC 29634