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Carolina Jessamine
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Carolina Yards: Rain as a Resource

Principle 10: Rain as a Resource

Allow rain to serve as a resource in your yard by collecting, storing, and filtering it within your yard. Rain can be collected in barrels or cisterns and used for any outside water need. This provides a chlorine-free source of water and reduces stormwater pollution. Since a 1,000 square foot roof generates over 600 gallons of runoff in a 1-inch storm, you can fill up an average 50-gallon rain barrel in no time. Install a rain garden to intercept rainwater before it reaches storm drains. Rain gardens filter stormwater and often serve as a haven for wildlife.

rain garden

Action Checklist:

 Where possible, direct downspouts and gutters to your rain garden or plant beds where rain will soak into the ground rather than run off your yard.

 Create a rain garden to catch, hold and filter stormwater.

 Collect rainwater runoff from your roof in a rain barrel or cistern.

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