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Carolina Jessamine
Cooperative Extension

Carolina Yards: Water Wisely

Principle 9: Water Wisely

Efficient irrigation techniques can conserve water, save money, reduce demand on municipal water sources, and create a healthier landscape. Overwatering can lead to insect and disease problems. Choose low water-use plants, group plants according to water needs, monitor rainfall, irrigate in the early morning, and use drip irrigation to help minimize outdoor water use.

lawn sprinkler watering grass

Action Checklist:

 Use a drip or microspray irrigation system to more efficiently water plants and plant beds.

 Design or modify your sprinkler system to water lawn areas separately from plant beds, which require less water.

 Walk your yard when the irrigation system is on to ensure that water is being applied to lawn and plant beds only, not the pavement.

 Calibrate your sprinkler(s) to apply ½ to ¾ inch of water per application.

 Connect an automatic rain shut-off device to your sprinkler system’s timer and set the device to 1/2 inch so it will override the timer when enough rain falls. Check to see if the shut-off device is working properly.

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