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Cooperative Extension: SC FFA

JudgingCard Scancards

The following events will utilize JudgingCard Scantrons, use the provided links to access sample cards.

Agronomy - Agronomy Scantron

Dairy Evaluation - Dairy Cattle Evaluation Scantron

Farm Business Management- FBM Scantron

Forestry - Forestry Scantron

Greenhand Knowledge Bowl - Greenhand Knowledge Bowl Scantron

Horse Evaluation - Horse Judging Scantron

Livestock Evaluation - Livestock Scantron

Meats Evaluation and Technology - Meats Evaluation Scantron

Milk Quality and Products - Milk Quality Scantron

Poultry - Poultry Scantron

Tool ID - Tool ID Scantron

Veterinary Science - Veterinary Science Scantron

Wildlife - Wildlife Scantron


Tips for Properly Using Scantrons

  1. Use a #2 pencil. Pens, markers, etc. cannot be read by the scanner and result in scores of "0" for members.
  2. Please WRITE your chapter name and participant number in the "Team Name" block.
  3. Completely and clearly bubble your name in the provided space, do not use only initials or nicknames.
  4. In the "Team #" block, bubble in your four-digit chapter code (SC####). If you are an alternate, bubble in four zeroes (0000).
  5. If you change an answer, be sure to completely erase the previous mark.
  6. Do not bend, fold, or otherwise crumple the scantron if at all possible. In case of wet conditions, please try to keep your card as dry as possible. 
  7. If you have a question about where to mark on your scantron, ask a group leader or a member of the event staff. Cards are scored as marked, meaning improperly marked cards may not receive all possible credit.

Accessing Scores

All scores for events utilizing the JudgingCard system will be available online at 8:00am on the following business day. Scores can be accessed by going to and selecting the appropriate event from the list on the right side of the homepage. Advisors will not need a username or password to access scores.

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