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Study Abroad at Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

Hello Again!

Congratulations on your decision to study abroad! A big part of your trip is financing, and the Student Financial Aid office is here to help things run as smooth as possible. Please use this site as a guide; during your appointment with a financial aid counselor more specific details will be provided.

    • Step One: Review your options

      As you’re making your choice about which trip is right for you, please reference the Study Abroad Financial Aid Chart to gain some basic understanding of how aid functions for each type of trip. The chart should be used only as a guide and is not intended as a guarantee of aid for your trip. The only way to know for certain if your aid can be applied toward the expenses of your chosen study abroad trip is to meet with a financial aid counselor.

      Federal financial aid is available for sanctioned study abroad programs. FAFSA deadlines still apply whether involved in abroad or domestic studies. All eligible scholarship guidelines, state or university, still apply whether the scholarship is applicable to the study abroad trip or not. Read this PDF for information regarding the use of University scholarships.

      If you have a state scholarship (Palmetto Fellows, LIFE, or HOPE), all regulations associated with the scholarship still apply. The state regulations are applicable for current eligibility and renewal.  Should your transcript be issued through a university that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (Title IV Institution), your hours and grades will count in the calculation of your LIFE GPA.

    • Step Two: Schedule an appointment

      Those who wish to receive financial aid for coursework outside the United States should contact Student Financial Aid the semester prior to their departure in order to set up an appointment with the Financial Aid Study Abroad Coordinator. To schedule an appointment, go to CU Navigate and follow the steps below:

      1. Schedule an Appointment
      2. Study Abroad
      3. Financial Aid for Study Abroad
      4. Type of Study Abroad Program

      You may also request a drop-in informational session, which are reserved for Fridays, to discuss your individual aid package in regards to each type of trip you may be considering. Please note that drop-in informational sessions are not official appointments and after you select your trip, you will need to schedule a second appointment to discuss appropriate paperwork.
    • Step Three: Before your meeting

      When you meet with the Study Abroad Coordinator please bring:

      This table provides details about the items you may need to collect for your financial aid appointment.
      Itemized Cost of Attendance Request for Approval of Work to be Taken Abroad Contact Information Direct Deposit

      General Requirements

      Must Include:
      • tuition and fees
      • books and supplies
      • room and board
      • personal expenses
      • travel expenses

      Must Include:
      • Advisor signature
      • Faculty signatures
      • Numeric values of transfer credits

      You may be asked to provide contact information for your intended trip. Step-by-step instructions: Student Financial Services under "Receiving Your Refund"

      Faculty-Led Trip, CU classes, CAP

      Obtain from faculty Only required if enrolled in classes other than those taught by Clemson faculty Faculty leading your trip Prior to the first day of class on Clemson’s campus

      Exchange Trip, SAP

      Obtain from student portal on study abroad website or study abroad advisor Obtain from student portal on study abroad website Contact information for representative at your host university Prior to submission of completed Verification of Enrollment form

      Third-Party Trip, TSAP

      Obtain from third-party website Obtain from student portal on study abroad website Contact information for representative at your third-party organization Prior to submission of completed Verification of Enrollment form

      If you do not have these documents prior to your appointment you will have the opportunity to compile this information after your meeting, please do not cancel or skip your appointment.  These documents will complete your file and allow your financial aid to be released upon arrival at your institution. Additional details will be discussed during your appointment. Certain faculty-led programs do not require all of the listed paperwork, you will be notified in your meeting of exactly what is required for your specific trip.

      Approval of Work to be Taken Abroad

      For financial aid recipients, one purpose of the Approval of Work to be Taken Abroad is to document that the courses you are taking are required for your degree, as most types of financial aid cannot be used for non-degree work. Elective courses, as a required part of your curriculum, as allowed as long as the credit hours do not exceed your remaining elective hours. You must provide a printed copy of Degree Works when you bring your Coursework Approval form to be signed. You must be able to demonstrate that the classes you have had approved are required – per Degree Works – for the completion of your degree. Please note that electives in excess of the number required for graduation will not be accepted.

      Students receiving a scholarship or need-based grant must demonstrate the equivalent of 12 Clemson credit hours approved which must be required for the completion of their degree. Students receiving a loan must demonstrate the equivalent of 6 Clemson credit hours approved which must be required for the completion of their degree.

      Section 2: Study Abroad Program Information

      • We must see which institution will be issuing your transcript.
      • If you are going through an exchange or direct program, it will be the institution at which you are studying, such as the University of Sydney or the University of Stellenbosch.
      • If you are going through a third-party program, you will need to confirm the issuing institution with that third party. For example, the Lorenzo de Medici program will issue transcripts through Marist College. USAC will issue transcripts through University of Nevada, Reno. Please reach out to your provider if you need clarification on who is issuing your transcript.

      Section 3: Course Information

      • Column D & E Course Number and Course Title: Must reflect actual courses at Clemson University. Leaving these blank or indicating “TCEL” or “Elective” will not fulfill this requirement. Even courses reflected in the TCEL system must have their equivalencies indicated. These courses may be Leisure Skills equivalencies, independent studies, special topics, or similar, but must have a Clemson class equivalent. “TCEL” classes may be indicated under Column H in lieu of a faculty signature (advisor signature at bottom of form still required). If course substitutions will be applied later, please attach a memo from your advisor stating the substitutions.
      • Column F Credit: This column must indicate the number of credit hours that your foreign class will transfer back to Clemson. Leaving this column blank or indicating “TBD” cannot be accepted.

      Signatures and Approvals: The form must be signed by the advisor before the financial aid office can accept it. There must also be faculty signatures for each class which is not designated in the TCEL system.

    • Step Four: After your meeting

      Ensure all your documentation is turned into the financial aid office prior to the final billing deadline for the semester in which you are traveling. Use the checklist and information provided in your meeting to ensure you have taken all appropriate steps to receive your aid. Follow up with your counselor with any additional questions you, or your parents, may have about your trip.

    • Step Five: After you are abroad

      After you travel abroad, you will most likely be enrolled in some type of orientation within the first few days that you are on-site. Present the Verification of Enrollment form to whoever is conducting your orientation and they will complete it on your behalf and either fax or email it back to Clemson at the contact information provided at the bottom of the form. You will receive this form during your formal meeting with a financial aid counselor. Once your Verification of Enrollment form is received, your refund will be processed. Allow 1-2 weeks for your refund to be processed and released to you once your Verification of Enrollment is returned.

General Timeline

Veteran’s Affairs Benefits

You will need to work directly with Jennifer Elliott in the Registrar’s Office to determine if your benefits are eligible to be used toward the expenses of a study abroad trip. You may find additional information for veterans on the Registrar's Website. If you are going through a faculty-led program, there is generally no change in your benefits. If you are going through an exchange or third-party trip, you will need to have a certifying official through your host university or organization in order to take advantage of your benefits. Due to the complexities of Veteran’s Affairs Benefits, follow-up research may need to be done after your initial appointment to clarify your eligibility to use your aid abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions