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Hello Again!

We are glad to learn that you are considering studying abroad and are here to help you understand your options to fund your program. Please use the information listed on our site as a guide. Feel free to meet with a financial aid study abroad counselor at any point during your degree to determine how to fund your program abroad. You must meet with a counselor in the semester before you study abroad to discuss the specifics of your funding and complete paperwork.

Financial aid is defined as receiving any type of scholarship, grant, and/or loan to fund your education. Unless you are paying completely out-of-pocket for your education, meeting with a counselor is essential to know your options.

General Timeline (PDF)

  • Step One: Review your options

    Your choice in a study abroad program will make the biggest difference in how far your financial aid will fund your time abroad. We strongly encourage you to meet for an informational appointment to know how your financial aid will fund a program abroad; a year or more in advance is not too early!

    Out-of-state students are billed at the in-state rate for faculty-led and exchange programs abroad, which is a tremendous saving for these students.

    Please know that students participating in third party programs pay most of their bills through their program provider.

  • Step Two: Schedule an appointment

    Every student studying abroad should meet with a financial aid study abroad counselor in the semester prior to their term abroad (i.e. Spring 2020 if studying abroad in Summer or Fall 2020). The same information is covered in either a group or an individual appointment.

    To schedule an appointment, go to CU Navigate and follow the steps below:

    1. Schedule an Appointment
    2. Study Abroad
    3. Financial Aid for Study Abroad
    4. Type of Study Abroad Program

    You may also attend a drop-in informational session, which is reserved for Friday mornings, to discuss your individual financial aid package. Please note that drop-in informational sessions are not official appointments and, after you select your program, you will need to schedule a formal appointment to discuss appropriate paperwork.
  • Step Three: Before your meeting

    Before you meet with a financial aid study abroad counselor, you will need to gather the appropriate documentation related to your program.

    Required Documentation
    Coursework Approval Form DegreeWorks Cost of Attendance
    Faculty-led N/A CU classes N/A CU classes Required - provided to you by your dept.
    Exchange Required Required Required
    Third-Party Required Required Required

    The Coursework Approval Form for fall and/or spring programs must be signed by the appropriate Clemson University (CU) academic faculty/staff member(s). This form should include the equivalent of at least 12 credit hours and must state which institution is issuing the student’s transcript. For summer programs, the equivalent number of CU credits for which you need signatures varies depending on the type of aid you will receive.

    The copy of your Degreeworks must clearly indicate where the courses you will take abroad will progress you toward graduation.

    The Cost of Attendance is the official budget that your program provider creates for you to estimate how much you will spend abroad. This is not a budget that you create. This document, which can typically be found on your program provider’s website, should include tuition and fees, room, board, books and supplies, airfare and in-country travel, personal expenses, required excursions, etc.

    Per federal regulations, there is a maximum amount of financial aid (budget) that you can receive in a semester. If your cost of attendance is more than $16,000, you are entitled to apply for additional financial aid. After you submit your official cost of attendance, Student Financial Aid will adjust your semester budget to reflect your cost for your trip abroad. Adjusting your cost of attendance does not mean you will receive that amount of money, but rather that you could apply for additional funding.

  • Step Four: After your meeting

    Ensure all of your documentation is turned into Student Financial Aid prior to the end of the semester before you study abroad. Use the information and documents provided in your appointment to ensure you have taken all appropriate steps to receive your aid. Follow up with your counselor with any additional questions you may have about your trip:

  • Step Five: After you are abroad

    For exchange and third-party program participants only: After you arrive abroad, present the Verification of Enrollment form to your primary administrative contact abroad. They will complete it on your behalf and send it back to Clemson via the contact information at the bottom of the form. (You will receive this form during your formal meeting with a financial aid counselor.) Once your Verification of Enrollment form is received, any refund you may be due will be processed. Allow 1-2 weeks for your refund to be released to you once your Verification of Enrollment is returned. This refund may then be used to pay for any education-related expenses while you are abroad, including paying your program provider.

Veteran’s Affairs Benefits

Coordinate with the Registrar’s Office for any VA-related benefits for your program abroad. If you are participating in a faculty-led program, there is generally no change in your benefits. Due to the complexities of Veteran’s Affairs benefits, additional research may need to be done after your initial appointment to clarify the eligibility of using this aid to fund your program abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions