Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor


  • Please install the latest version of Respondus LockDown Browser. Respondus LockDown Browser does not auto-update.

What Is Respondus LockDown Browser
and Respondus Monitor?

Categories: Assessment Tools

Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) is a secure browser that allows teachers to administer tests and quizzes on Canvas while also preventing students from printing, copying, going to other websites, or accessing other applications.

Respondus Monitor is Respondus LDB plus webcam monitoring. At the start of exams, Respondus Monitor asks students to confirm their identity and verify the appropriateness of their testing environment. During the exam, Respondus Monitor records the student's webcam. This recording is examined by a Respondus' artificial intelligence (AI) to generate an integrity report. Faculty can review the recording to verify the AI's findings.

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Tool Comparison

At a Glance Tool Comparison
Name Respondus LDB Respondus Monitor RPNow
Tool Icon Respondus LockDown Browser Respondus Monitor Remote Proctor Now
Extra Cost None None Yes
University Tech Support Yes Yes Yes
Uses Clemson Login Yes Yes Yes
Canvas Integration Yes Yes Yes
Accessibility Good+ Poor+ Fair+

*Rankings marked with asterisks are based on the tool's general reputation in the accessibility community or a VPAT review and not on testing that Clemson has completed.

+Rankings marked with a plus are based on testing completed in 2020.

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