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What Is Turnitin?

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Turnitin encourages student originality and provides instructors a tool to use in the detection of plagiarism in text-based assignments. Turnitin produces an "Originality Report" for a student's work by making comparisons that look not only for exact word-for-word matches but also for students' attempts to mask plagiarism by making superficial changes or mixing several sources without attribution.

At Clemson, Turnitin is integrated with Canvas, making it easy to create and distribute assignments in a familiar way for students.

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At a Glance Tool Comparison
Name This Tool Comparison 1 Comparison 2
Tool Icon Adobe Connect Zoom WebEx Meeting
Extra Cost None None None
University Tech Support Yes Yes Yes
Uses Clemson Login Yes Yes Yes
Canvas Integration Not Enabled Yes Yes
Accessibility Good* Great* Okay*

*Rankings marked with asterisks are based on the tool's general reputation in the accessibility community and not on testing that Clemson has completed.

+Rankings marked with a plus are based on completed testing.