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WebEx provides a video conferencing space along with various collaboration tools that can be used to facilitate lectures or office hours. WebEx recordings are stored in the cloud and include auto-captions. Access WebEx here.

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WebEx supports Windows Vista and above. For Macs, please have OSX 10.7 or higher. If using the web portal, CCIT recommends using Chrome or Firefox browsers. For more information on system requirements, please visit the WebEx webpage on operating systems.

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WebEx questions should be directed to CCIT:

  • Is there a cost associated with Cisco® WebEx?

    WebEx is available for free to all faculty and staff at Clemson University. At present, students can participate in sessions but cannot create sessions. WebEx is recommended for small, medium, or large-sized video conferences. If you encounter any issues please email

  • How do I add a test to a Cisco® WebEx Training Session?

    We've created a document titled Adding a Test to a WebEx Training Session to help you learn how to add a test to a Cisco® WebEx Training Session.

  • I am trying to enable Breakout rooms but do not see the option?

    When you are creating your meeting space you want to create it using the Training template. Breakout rooms can only be used in Training spaces. Cisco provides a Knowledge Base Article with further information on setting up Breakout rooms.

  • I wasn't given the option of turning on Breakout Rooms when I scheduled my session through Canvas, can I still turn it on?

    Yes, you will have to login thru Clemson's WebEx and locate your training session under My WebEx. Then click My Meetings. Then click All Meetings. Click the Topic name for the session. Then click Edit. From here you can enable several features for Breakout Rooms. Cisco's WebEx Training website has additional information regarding breakout rooms.

  • Can I create breakout rooms from within my meeting space?

    Yes. Cisco provides an article on how to Manage Breakout Sessions in a Cisco Webex Training Session on their website.

  • What is the maximum number of Breakout Sessions I can create?

    100. To learn more, please visit Cisco's Knowledge Base.

  • What is the maximum amount of storage I have for my WebEx recordings?

    Each user is allotted 50 GB for Events, Meetings, and Training Session recordings. If you need more space, you can download your recordings and store them in either Ensemble, Google Drive,, or OneDrive.

  • How do I add a survey to an Event?

    Navigate to the "Event Description & Options" page. From there, select the type of survey you would like to create. After filling in the necessary information, select "OK - Use This Survey." Full instructions on creating a survey can be found on Cisco's Website.

  • How do I download my WebEx Training Session recording?

    Navigate to Clemson's WebEx link. Then navigate to the "WebEx Meetings" bar and select "My Recorded Meetings". Select the three dots to the right of the meeting you want to download and select download. Your download should start automatically.

  • How do I convert my WebEx recording from .ARF file format to .MP4 file format?

    Download the WebEx Player. Open your .ARF file in the WebEx player. In the file menu, select convert, then follow the on-screen instructions.

  • When I try to convert my .ARF file to an .MP4 file I am prompted for a Site URL, Account Name, and Password. What do I put in these fields?

    Site URL:

    Account Name: Your Clemson username

    Password: Your Clemson password

Click to find FAQs for Meeting Center, Events Center, and Training Center.