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Zoom is hosting daily live training webinars. Visit Zoom support for more information.

Zoom is a web conferencing service that allows instructors to conduct synchronous, interactive class sessions with students remotely. Share video and your computer screen to lecture and explain course content. Interact with students through annotations, breakout rooms, poll questions, and more. Zoom also allows you to record lectures for students to review later.

Zoom is now available to Clemson Faculty, Students, and Staff for use at home or in office. To access a licensed account, log out of any other Zoom accounts you have and then login to the Clemson Zoom at https://clemson.zoom.us with your Clemson Credentials. Zoom accounts can be used with the Canvas integration to create and host meetings. 

Looking for information on the new classroom technology? Go here.

Note 1: Zoom recordings that are older than 180 days are automatically sent to the trash and then permanently deleted 30 days afterwards. To save your recordings, you can Manually Move Your Zoom Files to Ensemble or email ITHelp@Clemson.edu to request that all future recordings be moved automatically. All recordings made prior to this request will need to be moved manually.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CCIT at (864) 656-3494, ITHelp@Clemson.edu, or https://ccit.clemson.edu.

Note 2: In all directions linked to this page, "Zoom web portal" should be interpreted as https://clemson.zoom.us. This URL should also be used to overcome difficulties of accessing Zoom or its features while viewing Zoom through Canvas.

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Zoom Webinar

Zoom Webinar is a separate product from Zoom Meeting. Please review the differences between Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars to confirm the need for a webinar license. If you then determine that you need access to Zoom Webinar, apply for Zoom Webinar access through this Qualtrics form. For information on how to use Zoom webinar, be sure to check out Zoom's Support Center.

If you determine that you simply need a Zoom Meeting that can accommodate a larger group (over 300) attendees, email IThelp to apply for a Zoom Large Meeting license instead. 

Please be aware that submitting a request for either Zoom Webinar or Zoom Large Meetings does not guarantee your request will be granted. Further approval may be required.

Zoom Client for Meetings

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Zoom Mobile Application

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Want to use Clemson branded Zoom virtual backgrounds? Click here for static and video background files to download: Clemson Zoom Backgrounds.

Review the Zoom Help Center for assistance with frequently asked questions. Zoom also hosts live training webinars daily covering the basic features of the platform. For free webinar registration, visit the Live Training Webinar website.

Support Hours

"Support Hours" are 24/7, including Public Holidays, where agents or technical engineers are available for email or live support.

Chat w/support (Best for Quick Questions)

Users are able to chat with our live agents when logged into our web portal or on our Help Center site by clicking on the Help icon that is usually located on the bottom right corner of each web page. If a question requires deeper engagement or follow up, a ticket may be opened on the user’s behalf.

Dial-in assistance

  • US: +1.888.799.8854 (or) +1.650.397.6096 ext. 2
  • AU: +61.1800.768.027 ext. 2
  • UK: +44.800.368.7314 ext. 2 (or) +44.20.3890.5445 ext. 2

Email: support@zoom.us

Submit a support request to Zoom.