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William R Hare

HareBill Hare received his Bachelor's degree from Henderson State Teachers College in 1957 and his MS degree (1959) and his PhD degree (1961) from the University of Florida. He was an Instructor (1961-63) and Assistant Professor (1963-64) at Duke University. He became an Associate Professor at Clemson University in the fall of 1964. At this time, both the undergraduate and the graduate program at Clemson were developing new courses and Bill taught a variety of foundation and advanced courses including year long sequences in mathematical analysis, real variables, modern and linear algebra, topology, convexity, and advanced convexity. In addition Bill taught semester courses in graph theory and combinatorial analysis at the graduate level and linear programming and advanced calculus at the undergraduate level. Virtually every graduate student who received an MS or PhD degree in the years 1964-74 took one or more courses from Professor Hare.

During his career at Clemson University, Bill directed five PhD students (Arthur Sparks, Marilyn Breen, Gerald Thompson, Nick Stravrakas, and Ken Schwartz) and over 60 MS students. In addition he published nearly thirty papers. Many of his papers were in the area of convexity and were joint with Professor John Kenelly. When Dr. Kenelly moved into administrative work, Bill's research output suffered but he proceeded to teach a variety of post-graduate courses for mathematics teachers including advanced calculus, combinatorics, and linear/applied linear algebra. Many of these courses were taught at locations away from Clemson. He is shown here with his daughter who received a degree in the mathematical sciences from Clemson University.

Bill received the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciencess Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Sciences in 2003. He is retiring in August 2003 but may teach part-time as the need arises.

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