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Paul T Holmes

HolmesPaul Holmes graduated from high school in Richland, Washington and enrolled at Washington State College. He received his bachelor's degree in mathematics in 1953 and his master's degree in 1957 from that institution. (He remembers especially two excellent teachers there, Calvin Long and Donald Bushaw). Paul entered the doctoral program in statistics at Stanford University and received his degree in 1966. His dissertation directors were K. L. Chung and Ruppert Miller. He had teaching positions at Purdue University (1963-67) and Rutgers University (1967-70). He accepted a position as an associate professor at Clemson in 1970 (a former officemate at Stanford, Ted Wallenius, was the initial contact from our department.) Paul had a number of papers in stochastic process (several appeared in the Journal of Applied Probability), directed five doctoral students (Flashpolar, Turner, Huffman, Tosch, and Gutherie) and about fifteen master's degree students. At least two were joint with faculty in other departments (Wildlife Biology and Entomology). He was promoted to professor of mathematical sciences in 1975. Paul is remembered for his teaching expertise in the graduate level stochastic processes course, but he also enjoyed teaching advanced probability, advanced calculus, and freshman calculus. He has a life-long jogger, kayaker, and outdoorsman. He and his wife Charlotte have a son and daughter whose families live in Columbia. Paul retired from the Clemson faculty in 2002.

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