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Department Technical Reports

Technical Reports


      • V. J. Ervin, “Regularity of the solution to fractional diffusion, advection, reaction equations,” Technical-Report-TR2019-10-ve, October 2019




      • V. J. Ervin, N. Heuer and J. P. Roop, “Regularity of the Solution to 1-D Fractional Order Diffusion Equations,” Technical-Report-TR2016-7-ve.nh.jr, July 2016
      • K. R. Fowler, E. W. Jenkins, M. D. Parno, J. C. Crispell, A. I. Colon and R. T. Hanson, “Integrated mathematical analysis of agricultural systems and associated water use impacts using coupled software frameworks,”, February 2016
      • N. Adelgren and M. Wiecek, “A two-phase algorithm for the multiparametric linear complementarity problem,”, February 2016
      • E. Doolittle, K. Muir and M. Wiecek, “A Note on Robustness of the Min-Max Solution to Multiobjective Linear Programs,”, January 2016



      • V.J. Ervin, J.E. Macias-Diaz, J. Ruiz-Ramirez, “A positive ad bounded finite element approximation of the generalized Burgers-Huxley equation,”, October 2014
      • J. Ruiz-Ramirez, “Preserving Nonegativity of an Affine Finite Element Approximation for a Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Problem,” Technical Report TR2014_9_jr, September 2014
      • K.R. Fowler, C.I. Ostrove, E.W. Jenkins, J.C. Chrispell, M.W. Farthing, M. Parno: “An Example of Agricultural Water Management with MODFLOW-FMP2 and DAKOTA,” Technical Report,, August 2014
      • V.J. Ervin, H. Lee and A.J. Salgado: “Generalized Newtonian fluid flow through a porous medium,” Technical Report, April 2014
      • P. Kuberry and H. Lee: “Analysis of a time-dependent fluid-structure interaction problem in an optimal control framework over a single time-step,” Technical Report TR2014_2_pk.hl, February 2014




      • C.N. Kuruwita, K.B. Kulasekera and C.M. Gallagher:  “Varying Coefficient Models with Unknown Links,” Technical Report TR2010_2_KKG, February 2011.
      • V.J. Ervin and E.W. Jenkins:  “The LBB condition for the Taylor-Hood $P_{2}-P_{1}$ and Scott-Vogelius $P_{2}-discP_{1}$ element pairs in 2-D,”  Technical Report TR2011_04_EJ, April 2011.
      • V.J. Ervin and E.W. Jenkins:  “Stenberg's sufficiency condition for Axisymmetric Stokes Flow,”  Technical Report TR2011_05_EJ, May 2011.



      • Stacey L. Faulkenberg and Margaret Wiecek: “Quality Discrete Representations in Multiple Objective Programming,” Technical Report TR2008_FW, October 2008.
      • L.G. Rebholz and W.W. Miles: “A Numerical Scheme for NS-α with Greater Physical Accuracy and Increased Convergence Rates,” Technical Report TR2008_10_RM, October 2008.


      • M.M. Wiecek, V. Singh, V. Blouin: “Multi-Scenario Multi-Criteria Optimization in Engineering Design,” Technical Report TR2007_01_WSB, January 2007.
      • V.Y. Blouin, B.J. Hunt, M.M. Wiecek: “Relative Importance of Criteria in Configuration Design of Vehicles,” Technical Report TR2007_06_BHW, June 2007.
      • J. S. Howell: “Computation of Viscoelastic Fluid Flows at High Weissenberg Number Using Continuation Methods,” Technical Report TR2007_06_JH, June 2007.
      • V. J. Ervin, J. S. Howell, and I. Stanculescu: “A Dual-Mixed Approximation Method for a Three-Field Model of a Nonlinear Generalized Stokes Problem,” Technical Report TR2007_08_EHS, August 2007.
      • J.C. Chrispell, V.J. Ervin, E.W. Jenkins: “A Fractional Step θ-method for Viscoelastic Fluid Flow Using a SUPG Approximation,” Technical Report TR2007_10_CEJ
        , October 2007.


      • Chanseok Park: “Smooth Nonparametric Estimation of a Quantile Function under Right Censoring Using Beta Kernels,” Technical Report TR2006_01_CP, January 2006.
      • Chanseok Park: “Quantile Implementation of the EM Algorithm and Applications to Parameter Estimation with Interval Data,” Technical Report TR2006_05_CP, May 2006.
      • A. Engau and M.M. Wiecek: “2D Decision-Making for Multi-Criteria Design Optimization,” Technical Report TR2006_05_EW, May 2006.
      • Wei Lin and K.B. Kulasekera: “On Variance Estimation for the Single-Index Models,” Technical Report TR2006_06_LK, June 2006.
      • A. Engau and H.W. Hamacher: “Semi-Simultaneous Flows and Binary Constrained (Integer) Linear Programs,” Technical Report TR2006_07_EH, July 2006.
      • V.J. Ervin, J.S. Howell, H. Lee: “Defect-Correction Strategies for Viscoelastic Fluid Flow,” Technical Report TR2006_10_EHL, October 2006.
      • J.C. Chrispell, V.J. Ervin, E.W. Jenkins: “A Fractional Step θ-method for Convection-Diffusion Problems,” Technical Report TR2006_11_CEJ, November 2006.
      • A. Engau: “Variable Preference Modeling with Ideal-Symmetric Convex Cones,” Technical Report TR2006_11_AE, November 2006.



      • T. Khan and A. Thomas: “On Derivation of the Radiative Transfer Equation and Its Spherical Harmonics Approximation for Scattering Media with Spatially Varying Refractive Indices,” Technical Report TR2004_12_KT, December 2004.


      • T. Khan and M. Pinsky: “On Some Integrals Over A Unit Sphere,” Technical Report TR2003_05_KP, May 2003.
      • T. Khan: “On Derivation of the Radiative Transfer Equation and its Diffusion Approximation for Scattering Media with Spatially Varying Refractive Indices,” Technical Report TR2003_07_TK, July 2003.


      • Vincent J. Ervin and William W. Miles: “Approximation of Time-Dependent, Multi-Component, Viscoelastic Fluid Flow,” Technical Report TR2002_11_EM, November 2002.
      • William W. Miles: “Modeling Time-Dependent, Multicomponent, Viscoelastic Fluid Flow,” PhD Thesis and Technical Report TR2002_11_WWM, November 2002.
      • M.E. Cawood, V.J. Ervin, W.J. Layton: “A Nonlinear Subgrid-Scale Model for Convection Dominated, Convection Diffusion Problems,” Technical Report TR2002_12_CEL, December 2002.

Special Reports