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Topic Coverage

Day 1 Morning - Exploratory Data Analysis: Graphical techniques, Numerical Statistics-center, spread, shape, extremes, Time plots, Comparison of data sets, Exploratory data analysis project

Day 1 Afternoon - Regression: Regression models, Correlation/Coefficient of determination, Linear models, Assessing a model, Transformations, Regression project

Day 2 Morning - Experimental Designs: Designs, Types of studies, Methods of sampling-randomization, bias, Experiments-placebo, blinding, Conducting a study-blocking, stratification, lurking variables

Day 2 Afternoon - Regression and Correlation: Scatterplots; Correlation; Simple linear regression; Fitting the Least Squares Line, Residual Plots, Data Transformations; a Regression Project

Day 3 Morning - Probability to Measure Uncertainty, Distributions and Simulations:  Basic ideas and language, Rules-conditional probability, independence, Probability distributions-random variables, Normal distribution, Binomial distribution, Probability project, Designing and running simulations, Simulated results vs. theoretical distribution

Day 3 Afternoon - How to Make Decisions Using Statistics and Probability: Inference through simulation, Sampling distributions, Simulating a sampling distribution, The Central Limit Theorem and its Applications

Day 4 Morning - Inference Based on One Sample: Hypothesis tests, Hypothesis tests on a mean, Hypothesis tests on a proportion, Type I and II error, Power

Day 4 Afternoon - Inference Based on Two Samples: Comparing two means, comparing two proportions, power of tests, observed significance levels, writing conclusions in context

Day 5 Morning - Confidence Intervals and Tests of Hypotheses for slope, prediction and for models.  The analyses and write up of a class project will be completed during this week.

The on line portion, July 23 to July 31, 2017 will contain investigations of previous AP Exam questions, a take home exam and completion of a class project and project writeup.