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Student Health Services

Class Absence

Student Health Services does not provide an excuse for class absence. However, you can complete the Notification of Absence form, available in Canvas (under "Help") or on (under "Resources," "Academic"), which allows you to quickly notify your professors of an absence that takes you away from class, whether anticipated or unanticipated. The notification requires a brief explanation of the circumstance, dates and times. The form automatically selects your instructors; however, you do have the option to modify the recipients. Class absence is a matter between the student and the professor. Although the notification does not serve as an official "excuse" from class, it does open the dialogue that needs to happen between you and your professor. If you are unable to report the absence electronically, please contact the Office of Advocacy and Success at 864-656-0935 for additional assistance and guidance.

You can also access the Notification of Absence form at or from the Clemson University home page under the letter "A" for "absence" and under the letter "N" for "notification.

Student Health Services
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