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Student Health Services


  • How do I make an appointment?

    Students seeking services should call CAPS reception at 864-656-2451 during business hours (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.). Counselors will be available to conduct a brief phone screen to determine the best way to serve your needs.

  • What should I expect for my initial visit?

    During this time, the counselor will get a good understanding of your needs, gather history about you and develop a treatment plan. This plan will guide your work in therapy. In the treatment plan, you may be assigned to: individual counseling, skills-development workshops, one of the many group counseling options, an online treatment for depression or anxiety, or be given educational resources. CAPS treatment recommendations are very individualized and aimed at serving your individual needs.

  • Are my records confidential?

    Absolutely. CAPS honors a student’s right to confidentiality, except where specified by law.

  • What are the exceptions to confidentiality under the law?

    CAPS will honor the five exceptions to confidentiality as defined by law.

    • When a student is a danger to self or others.

    • When child abuse is suspected.

    • When abuse to the elderly or the disabled is suspected.

    • When CAPS is court-ordered to release the records.

    • At all other times, a student must provide a written release of confidential information.

  • Will my counseling records be part of my academic records?

    Mental health records are not part of the academic records.

  • Will CAPS tell my mother if I’m coming to CAPS?

    CAPS will neither confirm nor deny if a student is receiving services at CAPS, even when well-intentioned third parties inquire. Unless of course, you give us consent, in writing, to disclose this information to someone of your choosing.

  • What is the cost?

    When a student pays the health fee, he/she has access to the CAPS services at no cost. Some CAPS services carry a fee; these include: psychiatric consultation, nutritional counseling, psychological evaluations/testing and mandated ACTT assessments.

  • Is individual therapy better than group therapy?

    Both modalities are good; however, you and your counselor can determine the optimal form of intervention.

  • How do I know if I need counseling?

    Counseling is appropriate for anyone who is troubled by a specific problem or has a general concern. Most students will use their existing coping skills to resolve their concerns. If, after using these skills, a student is still struggling, then accessing professional services is recommended.

  • What if I need help after hours?
    For psychological emergencies after hours and on weekends, a counselor can be reached by calling 864-656-2451 and selecting  option 2 from the menu. In case of emergency where immediate police or emergency medical services are needed, call 911. 
  • Is therapy offered in other languages besides English?

    English is the main language of CAPS counselors. You can bring a translator if desired.

  • Does CAPS have Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. counselors?

    Religious counseling is not provided by CAPS. However, if spirituality is a strength, or a concern, counselors will be sensitive to your inquiries.

Student Health Services
Student Health Services | Redfern Health Center, 735 McMillan Road, Clemson, SC 29634