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Student Health Services

Alcohol and Drug Use Policies

As a student at Clemson University, you are responsible for being familiar with Clemson University’s Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Use Policy.

  • AOD Use Policy Highlights

    A few highlights of this policy include:

    • The illicit or unauthorized manufacture, use, possession, distribution or dispensation of alcohol or illegal drugs on University property or as part of any University activity is prohibited.

    • The University, through the Office of Community and Ethical Standards (OCES), will impose disciplinary sanctions on students who violate the standards of conduct. The severity of the imposed sanctions will be appropriate to the violation.

    • The health risks of using alcohol and other drugs include both physical and psychological effects. For all substances, there is a risk of overdose.

    • Clemson University and local agencies coordinate a wide variety of prevention, intervention and treatment efforts.

    • Incidents that occur off campus are within the jurisdiction of the Student Code of Conduct

  • Medical Amnesty Policy

    Make no mistake about it: alcohol poisoning is a medical emergency. Our first priority is the safety of our students. If you think a friend might have alcohol poisoning, please get help. The Clemson University Police Department (864-656-2222) or 911 are the quickest resources to help a friend in need.

    Clemson University has a Medical Amnesty Policy (MAP) that provides amnesty for students who need medical attention as well as the students who make the call for help. Those students who utilize MAP will be contacted by someone from the Dean of Students Office to ensure that they have the resources they need in order to be a successful Clemson student.

    Clemson also has a CARE Network in place to help students experiencing difficulties. If you feel a friend has a problem with drugs or alcohol and it is not an emergency, you can submit a CARE Report or contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 864-656-2451. These and other resources are available on the go in the Safety section of the my.Clemson app.

    Remember: Don't worry about the consequences of helping someone. We're all Clemson Tigers. Look out for one another.

    To learn more, visit the Office of Community and Ethical Standards website.

Student Health Services
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