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Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

The ILEAD! Program

The program name, ILEAD!, stands for Integrated Leadership Education and Development. The program is a multi-year certification initiative designed to provide participating students with a structured, yet flexible, approach to learning about leadership.

In the program, students develop leadership potential through the completion of 20 elements comprised of knowledge acquisition, applications of skills and experiences centered around the leadership development of the student.

Students evolve in the program, initially learning about leadership through seminars and workshops, to ultimately demonstrating leadership experiences before graduation. Through this process, students foster their leadership styles in service to their chosen professions and communities.

Students can apply during their freshman year through the submission of a resume and complete written application. Transfer students and sophomores are allowed to apply at the discretion of the director, with a commitment and plan to complete program requirements by graduation. The application link will be posted here when applications are open for submission.

ILEAD! Certification

Upon successful completion of the ILEAD! program, students earn leadership certification. The multiyear program is composed of the following:

Leadership through knowledge - Six Program Elements
ILEAD! participants begin their journey with programming geared toward developing a basis in leadership knowledge, with seminars addressing historical perspectives, leadership theory, ethics and insights from practitioners in the workplace. These presentations by campus leaders, industry leaders and departmental speakers can provide worthy insights into the student's disciplinary focus and a better understanding of what is required of a leader. Students are also given self-paced reading assignments to broaden their perspectives.

Leadership through applications - Eight Program Elements
Students further develop their leadership skills in these components of the ILEAD! program through application-based workshops, team ventures and self-assessment activities. These elements are designed to nurture each of the participants' leadership styles with exposure to current topics, refinement of their skills and team-building activities. Workshop topics have included conflict resolution, diversity in the workplace, networking and development of a leadership portfolio. The Clemson University Outdoor Lab team-building exercises and workshop interactions with fellow ILEAD! students also allow students to grow as a community

Leadership through experiences - Six Program Elements
Through these experiential ILEAD! program components, students show how they convey leadership in action by their demonstrations of leadership. They must visibly exhibit their acquisition of leadership skills through outward representations, such as participation in student government, extracurricular campus involvement, critical inquiry, research and/or community service. Participation in mentoring and job shadowing within their respective fields of study is also required. Students must submit their completed and approved leadership portfolios as they exit the ILEAD! program.

For more information, please contact Program Director James Gaubert or Charleen Fitzgerald or call 864-656-1312.

Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business
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