About Us

Welcome to the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences (AVS), Clemson University.

The department's dedicated faculty and staff serve approximately 500 students annually, the majority of whom are undergraduate students pursuing the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in AVS.  Undergraduates have the opportunity to pursue their BS via one of three curricular concentrations:

Within these concentrations, students gain fundamental knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, management and more, while also gaining hands-on experience with farm animal species through lab classes and experiential opportunities (e.g. research and extension projects) outside the classroom. For students wishing to pursue graduate work in AVS, our program offers Ph. D., M.S. thesis and M.S. non-thesis degrees in Animal and Veterinary Sciences.  

With the world's rapidly increasing population comes an increase in demand for high quality animal products in the form of meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs, leather, and fiber.  Current estimates indicate that a large percentage of jobs in the animal agricultural industries will continue to go unfilled, and we pride ourselves on our ability to train students for these positions. 

The 18 Animal and Veterinary Science faculty members have areas of expertise that cover all livestock species.  Their research interests include beef cattle nutrition, poultry immunology, equine exercise physiology, companion animal disease, and countless other topics that impact animal health and production.  Their passion for all aspects of animal science makes our AVS classes engaging and challenging, and even outside of the classroom, our faculty is readily available and eager to help students with their questions and concerns.  This contributes to the unique tight-knit environment of the AVS Department that helps our students thrive.

Thanks to the rigor of the AVS curriculum and the dedication of our faculty to providing a high quality education, our students are highly successful in gaining entrance to professional (e.g. veterinary, medical, law) and graduate schools after graduation from our BS program.  Approximately 50% of graduating seniors go on to further their education.  Other graduates, including those leaving with graduate degrees, have gone on to work for animal production companies, allied industries, government, universities and colleges, and/or to become producers themselves.

Many of our students credit their success after graduation to the unique hands-on experiences that our department offers.

Starting in the first few weeks of classes their freshman year, our undergraduates have classes and labs at six of Clemson's farms:

AVS students also have numerous opportunities to become involved with clubs, internships, and undergraduate research, allowing them to work closely with Clemson's vast variety of livestock, in addition to establishing ties with local farms, businesses, animal shelters, and veterinary clinics.  

We encourage our students to pursue their education and interests to the fullest, and we encourage you to learn more about our mission!  So, please come visit us and give us the opportunity to answer your questions and show you the many opportunities we have to offer.