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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

Colin Pearce

Visiting Faculty
Hayek Fellow - Clemson Institute 2011-2012

Office: 329C Sirrine Hall

Phone: 864-656-5475


Educational Background

Ph.D. Political Science
University of Toronto

M.A. Political Science
University of Toronto

B.Ed. History/Politics
University of Toronto

Courses Taught


Political Theory
American Political Thought
Canadian Politics
American Government
Political Terrorism
International Relations
Comparative Politics
Honors College
Great Books


Political Theory
Introduction to Politics
The Political Science Discipline
Security and the Constitution
Introduction to Security Studies
Problems in Public Policy
Social and Political Issues
Professional and Business Ethics
Philosophy of Law
Modern Political Ideologies
Politics and Economics


Colin D. Pearce holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Toronto. He has published in a number of journals including the Canadian Journal of Political Science, The Journal of the History of Ideas, Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, Studies in Literary Imagination, The Kipling Journal, The Simms Review, South Carolina Review, Perspectives on Politics, Interpretation, Humanitas, Clio, Appraisal, The Explicator, Quadrant and other venues. He was the William Gilmore Simms Professor at University of South Carolina in 2004 and is past president of the South Carolina Political Science Association. He has taught at a variety of universities and colleges, most recently at the University of Guelph-Humber and the University of South Carolina Beaufort. He has taught courses in Political Science and in the Honors College at Clemson since 2011. He is currently a Faculty Affiliate of the University of Haifa.

Research Interests

Political Theory/American Politics/American Political Thought
Philosophy and Literature/ Moral Philosophy /Ethics and Values
Security Studies/Leadership/Canadian Politics

Research Publications

"Canadian Guardian: The Educational Statesmanship of Egerton Ryerson." Liberal Education and Canadian Political Culture. Ed. David Livingstone (McGill-Queens University Press, 2015).

"From Guardianism to Postmodernism: Historiography and the Interpretation of Canadian Political Culture" Southern Journal of Canadian Studies vol. 6, 1 (April, 2015),pp. 21-17.

"The Genius-Poet in William Gilmore Simms." The Simms Review (2014)20:1-2

"Aristotle and Business: An Inescapable Tension." History of Business Ethics - - Aristotle Section, Ed. G. Bragues. Springer Publishing (2012).

"Future Technoscientific Education: Atheism and Ethics in a Globalizing World" Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society Vol. 31 no. 2 (March, 2011): 81-102.

"All Aboard! The Philosophy of the Omnibus and the Problem of Progress in
William Gilmore Simms" The Simms Review vol. XVIII no.1 (2011)

"Progress"; "Sidney Hook" - Encyclopedia of Political Science
Ed. George Thomas Kurian, Congressional Quarterly Press (2011).

"Libertarianism Ancient and Modern: Reflections on the Strauss-Rothbard Debate" Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy (Vol.38, no.1,2010)

"Lessons for Liberalism: Lord Brougham's Philosophy of Italian History" Nordicum-Mediterraneum Vol. 4 no1(2009)

"The Metaphysical Federalism of William Gilmore Simms" Special Issue of Studies in Literary Imagination 42:1(2009)

"From Dreaming Spires to Part Time Jobs" University of Guelph-Humber Newsletter (Fall, 2009).

"Words Upon a Monument: The Liberalism of Simms's Public Theology"
The Simms Review vol. XVI no.1 (2008)

"History for Life" Humanitas Volume XX, 1&2. (2008)

*** Book Reviews for Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries 2007-2012 ***

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- Miriam Smith ed., "Group Politics and Social Movements in Canada" (Broadview Press, 2007)

- Athan Theoharis "The quest for absolute security: the failed relations among U.S. intelligence agencies." (I.R. Dee, 2007)

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