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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

Kaileigh Byrne

Associate Professor

Office: 321A Brackett Hall

Phone: 864-656-3935


Personal Website:

Educational Background

PhD Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience
Texas A&M University 2017

BS Biology, Psychology
Trinity University 2012

Courses Taught

Cognitive Psychology (PSYC 3330)
Advanced Experimental Psychology (PSYC 3100)
Judgment and Decision-Making (PSYC 8720)
Decisions and Risks Creative Inquiry (PSYC 4980-343)
Substance Use and Cognition Creative Inquiry (PSYC 4980-345)


Kaileigh Byrne, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Cognitive Psychology at Clemson University. Her research focuses on individual differences and mechanisms of reward-based decision-making using neuroimaging, computational, genetics, and physiological methods. In particular, her work examines how factors such as psychopathological symptoms, personality traits, aging, and performance pressure affect decision-making outcomes. She is interested in factors that affect individuals' tendency to engage in goal-directed versus habit-based decision strategies, people's ability to focus on immediate and delayed outcomes of their decisions, and individuals' responses to gain and loss feedback during decision-making.

Research Interests

-Reward Processing
-Individual differences in cognition
-Performance pressure
-Cognitive aging


Cognition and Decision Science Lab

Interview with Dr. Byrne

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