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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

Gary Edward Machlis

University Professor of Environmental Sustainability

Office: 239 Lehotsky

Phone: 864-656-3400


Educational Background

PhD Human Ecology
Yale University 1979

MS Forestry
University of Washington 1975

BS Forestry
University of Washington 1974

Courses Taught

The Politics of Science
Disasters, Resilience, and Recovery
Issues in Scientific Integrity
Social Ecology: Foundations for Sustainability and Human Resilience


Dr. Gary E. Machlis is University Professor of Environmental Sustainability at Clemson University, and served as Science Advisor to the Director, U.S. National Park Service (NPS) during both terms of the Obama administration. He received his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Washington in Seattle, and his Ph.D. in human ecology from Yale. He has written numerous books and scientific papers on issues of parks, tourism, conservation, human ecology, sustainability, disaster response, and science during crisis. His most recent books (co-authored) are The Future of Conservation in America: A Chart for Rough Water (2018) and American Covenant: National Parks and Our Nation’s Future (2021). His research has been published in journals as varied as Bioscience, Climatic Change, Conservation Biology, Society and Natural Resources, and Science. Gary is active in international conservation. He has worked in China on the Giant Panda Project for the World Wildlife Fund, in the Galápagos Islands, Kenyan national parks, Haiti after its devastating earthquake, Cuba, and Eastern Europe. He currently serves on the Executive Council of the Rapid Response Initiative of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, studying the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on ecosystem services. In 2010 Dr. Machlis was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Research Interests

Disaster response, science during crisis, conservation science and politics, sustainability

Research Publications

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Honors and Awards

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