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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

Melissa Vogel

Emeritus Faculty
Director, Business Anthropology Program

Office: 123B Brackett Hall

Phone: 864-656-0837

Fax: 864-656-1252

Personal Website:

Educational Background

PhD Anthropology
University of Pennsylvania 2003

BA Anthropology
UCLA 1995

Courses Taught

Business Anthropology
Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership
Women in the Developing World: Education, Economics and Environment
Anthropology Professional Development
(Hon) Introduction to Anthropology (four-fields approach)
Anthropology Field Studies (in archaeology)
World Archaeology
Creative Inquiry (Exploring Andean Archaeology and Archaeological Research for Project El Purgatorio)
Cultural Anthropology
Physical Anthropology
Ancient Civilizations of Andean South America
Comparative Study of Ancient States
Magic, Witchcraft and Religion


I am an anthropology professor with dual specializations in applied anthropology and Latin American archaeology. I'm committed to taking anthropology out of the ivory tower, demonstrating its relevance to everyday life, and using it to improve cross-cultural understanding. In my applied work, I have conducted consumer research for several brands, and evaluated after school programming for Los Angeles Unified School District. Gender is one of my research specialties and a focus of my activism, thus I am an Associate Director of the Tigers ADVANCE program, a National Science Foundation funded initiative to promote gender equity and inclusiveness among Clemson faculty. I am also currently developing a Business Anthropology program that would give Clemson students the skills to succeed in the modern job market, in which global knowledge is a necessity. From 1999-2016 I directed field research on the development of urbanism in prehistoric Peru, which is published in my two books: The Casma Capital City of El Purgatorio and Frontier Life in Ancient Peru. I have also published 16 articles in academic journals and books.

Research Interests

Business Anthropology, Gender, Diversity & inclusion, Urbanism, Heritage Tourism, Latin American Archaeology.

Research Publications

2017 Vogel, Melissa A.
“New Research on the Late Prehistoric North Coast, Perú.” Journal of Archaeological Research. DOI: 10.1007/s10814-017-9108-0

2016 Vogel, Melissa A.
The Casma Capital City of El Purgatorio: Ancient Urbanism in the Andes. Gainesville: University Press Florida.

2016 Vogel, Melissa A., Kristin Buhrow and Caroline Cornish
“Spindle Whorls from El Purgatorio, Peru and their Socioeconomic Implications.” Latin American Antiquity 27(3).

2016 Vogel, Melissa A., David Pacifico, Angela Garren, and Bethany Turner
“Urban Political Ecology in Late Prehistory: New Evidence from El Purgatorio, Peru.” Journal of Field Archaeology 41(4). DOI: 10.1080/00934690.2016.1195231

2016 Vogel, Melissa A.
“Ancient American Women Revisited.” Book review in Ethnohistory 63(2): 435-6.

2015 Vogel, Melissa A., Jeremy Fowler, Lee Drake and William E. Brooks
Geochemical evidence for the use of lead in Prehispanic metallurgy at El Purgatorio, Casma Valley, Peru. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 4: 326-335. DOI: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2015.09.002

2015 Alazaizeh, Mohammad, J. Hallo, S. Backman, W. Norman, and M. Vogel
“Crowding standards at Petra Archaeological Park.” Journal of Heritage Tourism, DOI 10.1080/1743873X.2015.1113977

2013 Vogel, Melissa A. and Robyn Cutright
“Gender Prehistory in South America.” In Companion to Gender Prehistory, edited by Diane Bolger, pp.585-607. West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers.

2012 Vogel, Melissa A.
“Chan Chan” and “The Chimu State.” In The Oxford Companion to Archaeology, 2nd ed., edited by Neil Asher Silberman, pp 285-286, 291-293. New York: Oxford University Press.

2012 Pacifico, David and Melissa A. Vogel
“Archaeological Sites, Modern Communities, and Responsible Tourism.” Annals of Tourism Research Vol. XX, No. XX, p 1588-1611.

2012 Vogel, Melissa A.
Frontier Life in Ancient Peru. University Press Florida.

2011 Vogel, Melissa A.
“Style and Interregional Interaction: Ceramics from the Casma Capital of El Purgatorio.” Ñawpa Pacha: a Journal of Andean Archaeology 31(2): 201-224.

2011 Vogel, Melissa A. and David Pacifico
“Arquitectura de El Purgatorio: Capital de la Cultura Casma.” ANDES 8: Boletín del Centro de Estudios Precolombinos de la Universidad de Varsovia, edited by Milosz Giersz and Ivan Ghezzi, pp. 357-397. Lima: Instituto Frances de Estudios Andinos.

2009 [2007] Vogel, Melissa A. and Percy Vilcherrez
“Proyecto Arqueológico El Purgatorio: Datos Preliminares.” Sian Revista Arqueológica 12(18):21-32.

2005 Vogel, Melissa A.
“Life on the Frontier in Ancient Peru.” Expedition 47(1):25-31.

2004 Vogel, Melissa A. and David Pacifico
“Practicing Public Interest Archaeology in Peru.” Anthropology in Action 11(2/3):44-53.

2003 Vogel, Melissa A.
“Sacred Women in Ancient Peru.” In Ancient Queens: Archaeological Explorations, edited by S.M. Nelson, pp. 117-135. Walnut Creek, CA: Alta Mira Press.

2003 Mackey, Carol J. and Melissa A. Vogel
“La Luna Sobre Los Andes: Una Revisión del Animal Lunar.” In Moche: Hacia el Final del Milenio, Actas del Segundo Coloquio sobre la Cultura Moche, S. Uceda and E. Mujica (eds.), pp. 325-342. Lima: Universidad Nacional de Trujillo and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.


Ancient Urbanism book

Visualization REU project

Project El Purgatorio

Frontier Life in Ancient Peru book

Expedition article

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