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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

Roxanne Calabria

Professor, Director of Global Health Certificate P

Office: CU Nursing Building

Phone: 864-720-2082


Educational Background

PhD Education Curriculum & Instruction
Clemson University 2009

MSN Master of Science in Nursing
Clarkson College 1999

BSN Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing
Regents College 1995

Courses Taught

Nursing 3600 Social Determinants of Health in Low Resource Countries
Nursing 3610 Leadership and Collaboration for Global Health
Nursing 3620 Global Health Field Experience: Guatemala
Nursing 8270 Foundations of Nursing Education
Nursing 8280 Nurse Educator Practicum


Dr. Roxanne Amerson teaches global health nursing and graduate nursing education courses. She has completed certificates in international public health and transcultural nursing. She currently directs the Global Health Certificate Program housed in the School of Nursing. Her research has focused on international service-learning and cultural competence of nursing students. She has worked in Ecuador, Guatemala, and Peru as part of her international service-learning projects with nursing students. Her publications relate to teaching cultural competence, promoting global health, developing promotora (community health worker) programs, and educational strategies for the nursing classroom. She is currently certified as a Nurse Educator by the National League of Nursing and as a Transcultural Nurse at the Advanced Level by the Transcultural Nursing Society. She has served as a member of the International Service Task Force for the honorary society of nursing at the national level. She has received funding from the NIH to conduct a research study focusing on preventing and reducing childhood mortality rates associated with diarrhea in Guatemala. Other previous research focused on anemia screenings for infants and children in remote villages of the Andean Mountains in Peru. Most recently, her research efforts have focused on the impact of virtual learning on mental health in nursing students and nursing faculty's perspectives of climate change and sustainability.

Research Interests

Cultural Competence, Latino health issues, Health disparities in low resource countries, Global health, Global service-learning

Research Publications

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Honors and Awards

Clemson University, Faculty Fellow for Global Learning 2018-2019
Transcultural Scholar, Transcultural Nursing Society, October 2014
SC Palmetto Gold Nursing in Excellence Award, April 2012
The J. Frank and Joan Uhl Pierce Transcultural Nursing Award, Transcultural Nursing Society, October 2010
Sigma Theta Tau Outstanding Abstract, Transcultural Nursing in Education and Practice Research Day, March 2010
SC Council of Deans and Directors of Nursing Education Scholarship, February 2009
Deborah Partridge Wolfe Laureate Doctoral Scholarship for Multicultural Education, Kappa Delta Pi, June 2008


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Preparing Undergraduates for the Global Future of Health Care

Training for Low-Literacy Promotoras

Anemia Screening in Peru

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