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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

Sarah Griffin

Professor, Interim Department Chair

Office: 510A Edwards Hall

Phone: 864-656-1622

Fax: 864-656-6227

Educational Background

PhD Public Health
University of South Carolina 2001

MPH Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior
University of South Carolina 1993

BS Biology
Winthrop University 1988

Courses Taught

Qualitative and Mixed Methods (HLTH 8220)
Foundations of Evaluation in Health (HLTH 8410)
Community Health Promotion (HLTH 4800)
Health Promotion Program Planning (HLTH 3400)
Applied Health Behavior (HLTH 4500)
Determinants of Health Behavior (HLTH 2400)
Introduction to Public Health (HLTH 2020)


Dr. Griffin has over twenty years of experience in public health with a specific interest in eliminating health disparities. Within this experience, assessing the efficacy and effectiveness of community and/or school-based child health intervention is her primary focus. Dr. Griffin has extensive experience implementing and evaluating complex health interventions in a wide variety of settings and is an expert in evaluation design, mixed methods research, and qualitative research. Currently, Dr. Griffin serves as Principal Investigator of the Greenville Health System (GHS) School-Based Health Center implementation study for OnTrack Greenville. She is also Co-Principal Investigator for a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention obesity prevention initiative with rural health extension. Dr. Griffin is also a Co-Investigator on a Department of Defense funded project to assess mobile health technology for chronic disease management Dr. Griffin is an ardent volunteer and supporter for the United Way of Anderson County and serves on the evaluation advisory team for SCALE Down, South Carolina's obesity prevention plan.

Research Interests

Dr. Griffin's research is focused on eliminating health disparities by researching the efficacy and effectiveness of complex interventions to improve health. Most of this work is related to preventing obesity and other chronic diseases among those at highest risk. Dr. Griffin is the Co-Principal Investigator of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funded rural healthy extension obesity prevention initiative in three SC counties. She is also the Principal Investigator for evaluating the Bradshaw Institute School Health program. Dr. Griffin has served as the Principal Investigator of a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) funded Rural Health initiative and Co-Investigator on four different National Institutes of Health funded research projects adding health equity in South Carolina (SC). Two of these projects focused on obesity prevention, one was to examine medical and nursing students’ readiness to treat Latino patients in cancer care settings and one focused to reducing HIV/AIDS and HPV in racial and ethnic minority communities. She also served as a Co-Investigator for the Active for Life® evaluation, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation initiative to increase physical activity in older adults. She has published numerous national/international peer-reviewed articles related to improving health and serves on the editorial review committee for several leading national health journals.

Research Publications

Baxter, S.L.K., Corbie, G, Griffin, S.F. (2023) Contextualizing physical activity in rural adults: Do relationships between income inequality, neighborhood environments, and physical activity exist? Health Services Research. 1-10

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Garst, B. A., Clanton, T., White, D., Dickes, L., Griffin, S., & Gagnon, R. (2021). Benchmarking South Carolina recreation providers' role in addressing summertime food insecurity. Recreation, Parks, & Tourism in Public Health. 5-38 doi: 10.2979/rptph.5.1.02

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Honors and Awards

Excellence in Student Engagement – College of Behavior, Social, and Health Science, Clemson University – May 2021
Faculty Scholar – Clemson University School of Health Research – reappointment 2021

Faculty Fellowship “Sponsored research appointment for 8 months with Greenville Health Systems, Greenville, SC- 2016
Provost Leadership Fellow - 2015
Excellence in Service and Outreach College of Health, Education and Human Development, Clemson University - May 2013

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