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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

Zeynep Taydas

Associate Professor of Political Science

Office: 230F Brackett Hall

Phone: 864-656-3235

Fax: 864-656-0690

Educational Background

Ph.D Political Science
University of Missouri-Columbia 2006

M.A. Political Science
University of Missouri-Columbia 2002

B.A. International Relations
Middle East Technical University 2000

Courses Taught

Introduction to International Relations
European Integration
International Organizations
Interstate and Domestic Conflicts
American Foreign Policy


Zeynep Taydas an Associate Professor of Political Science at Clemson University. She is the coauthor of a book and a number of articles appeared in various political science journals, including Journal of Peace Research, International Interactions, International Studies Review, Review of International Studies, Politics and Religion, Civil Wars, American Review of Canadian Studies and Ethnopolitics. She is a member of MAR advisory board and the editorial board of Foreign Policy Analysis. She is the recipient of the 2009 College of Business and Behavioral Sciences Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award, and the 2009 National Scholars Program Faculty Award of Distinction.

Research Interests

Dr. Taydas' research focuses on domestic conflicts, third party interventions, foreign policy, religion and public opinion.

Research Publications


Carment, David, Patrick James, and Zeynep Taydas. 2006. Who Intervenes? Ethnic Conflict and Interstate Crisis. Columbus, OH: Ohio State University


Taydas, Zeynep, Cigdem Kentmen and Laura R. Olson.“The Faith Factor: The Impact of Religious Attachments on Foreign Policy Attitudes”, conditional acceptance, Social Science Quarterly.

Taydas, Zeynep and Ozgur Ozdamar. “A Divided Government, an Ideological Parliament and an Insecure Leader: Turkey’s Indecision to Join the Iraq War,” forthcoming, Social Science Quarterly.

Taydas, Zeynep, Yasemin Akbaba and KC Morrison. “Did Secularism Fail? The Rise of Religion in Turkish Politics,” forthcoming, Politics and Religion.

Taydas, Zeynep and Dursun Peksen. 2012 “Can States Buy Peace? Social Welfare Spending and Civil War Onset,”Journal of Peace Research 49, 2: 273-287

Overby, Marvin L., Christopher Raymond and Zeynep Taydas. 2011. “Free Votes, MPs and Constituents: The Case of Same-Sex Marriage in Canada,” American Review of Canadian Studies: 41, 4:465-478.

Taydas, Zeynep, Jason Enia and Patrick James. 2011. “Why Do Civil Wars Occur? Another Look at the Theoretical Dichotomy of Opportunity versus Grievance” Review of International Studies, 37: 2627–2650.

Akbaba, Yasemin and Zeynep Taydas. 2011. “Does Religious Discrimination Promote Dissent? A Quantitative Analysis,” Ethnopolitics, 10 (3-4) 271- 296.

Taydas, Zeynep, Dursun Peksen and Patrick James. 2010. “Why Do Civil Wars Occur? Understanding the Importance of Institutional Quality,” Civil Wars 12 (3): 195 – 217.

Carment, David, Patrick James, Zeynep Taydas. 2009. “The Internationalization of Ethnic Conflict: State, Society and Synthesis,” International Studies Review 11 (1): 63-86.

Akbaba, Yasemin, Patrick James and Zeynep Taydas. 2006. “One Sided Crises in World Politics: A Study of Oxymoron, Violence and Outcomes,” International Interactions 32 (3): 229-260

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