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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

Brennan Miller

Post-Doctoral Fellow




Educational Background

Ph.D Sociology
Kent State University 2021

M.A. Sociology
Kent State University 2016

B.A. Sociology
California State University, Fresno 2009


Brennan Miller graduated with his Ph.D. in sociology from Kent State University in 2021. His research focuses on the interplay between unconscious and cognitive processes that reproduce racial inequality within group and team interactions. He uses an interdisciplinary approach which includes experimental design, quantitative methods, physiological measurements, and qualitative interviews. Brennan joined the Race, Ethnicity, Youth, and Social Equity (REYSE) Collaboratory and with the goal to conduct valuable research that helps improve the lives of racial and ethnic youth.

Research Interests

Social Psychology, Race and Racism, Inequalities, Neurosociology, Emotions, Quantitative Methods, Experimental Methods

Research Publications

Miller, Brennan J. and Will Kalkhoff. 2020. “Negotiating a Non-Verified Identity: Emotional, Cognitive, and Behavioral Responses” in Advances in Group Processes. Vol. 37.

Kalkhoff, Will, David Melamed, Josh Pollock, Brennan Miller, Jon Overton, and Matthew Pfeiffer. 2020. "Cracking the Black Box: Capturing the Role of Expectation States in Status Processes." Social Psychology Quarterly 83(1):26-48.

Miller, Brennan J., Will Kalkhoff, Joshua Pollock, and Matthew A. Pfeiffer. 2019. "Persistent Identity Threats: Emotional and Neurological Responses." Social Psychology Quarterly 82(1): 98-111. *Best Student Article Award winner for the Section on Evolution, Biology and Society.

Fisk, Susan R., Brennan J. Miller, and Jon Overton. 2017. “Why Social Status Matters for Understanding the Interrelationships Between Testosterone, Economic Risk?Taking, and Gender.” Sociology Compass, 11(3): e12452.

Kalkhoff, Will, Richard T. Serpe, Joshua Pollock, Brennan J. Miller and Matthew Pfeiffer. 2016. “Self-Motives and the Neural Processing of Identity-Relevant Feedback: An Electroencephalographic Study.” Advances in Identity Theory and Research, vol. 2., edited by Jan E. Stets and Richard T. Serpe.

Honors and Awards

Miller, Brennan J. (PI) and Carla Goar (PI). 2020. "How is Status Information Interpreted?" National Science Foundation’s Dissertation Improvement Award. ($16,000).

2020-2021 Kent State University Fellowship

2020 Outstanding Doctoral Student in Sociology, Department of Sociology, Kent State University.

College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences
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