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Faculty and Staff Profile

Christopher Farrell

Assistant Professor

Office: 421 Edwards Hall



Educational Background

Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences


Dr. Christopher Farrell is an assistant professor in the Healthcare Genetics and Genomics (HCG) program at Clemson University. Before joining Clemson University, Dr. Farrell worked in the pharmaceutical industry for several years where he helped develop vaccines and monoclonal antibody therapies. He then received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of South Carolina. He has taught in the healthcare programs of several institutions such as Presbyterian College, Manchester University, and Campbell University. His area of research is cancer genetics, cancer education in rural communities, pharmacogenomics education, and the study of inherited disorders such as Aarskog-Scott.

Research Interests

Multi-drug resistance (MDR) is a serious complication in the treatment of cancer patients. MDR can become an obstacle to chemotherapy treatment in solid tumors of any stage but is more commonly associated with late stage and/or aggressive tumors. Patients with MDR tumors have a poor prognosis compared to patients with a tumor which is responsive to chemotherapy. A patient’s tumor can develop MDR before or after the initiation of chemotherapy treatment. The cause of MDR after the initiation of chemotherapy is well understood, but it is not known how tumors develop MDR before chemotherapy treatment. By identifying a connection in MDR tumors of chemotherapy-naïve patients, we hope to discover biomarkers that will lead to better treatment plans for patients who are starting the initial chemotherapy treatment.

Research Publications

1. Farrell CL et al. "Assessing the pharmacy students' knowledge of genetic counseling with genetic variants that are associated with inherited disease." Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning (2023).

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5. Kisor DF, Calinski DM, & Farrell CL. "Beyond the didactic lecture: pharmacogenomics in pharmacy education." Precision Medicine (2018): 9-12.

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