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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

Harrison Pinckney IV

Assistant Professor

Office: 281B Lehotsky

Phone: 864-646-2393


Educational Background

Ph.D. Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences
Texas A&M University 2009

M.S. Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences
University of Florida 2006

B.S. Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences
University of Florida 2002

Courses Taught

EDGE (Engaging in Diverse, Guided Experiences)
PRTM 2410: Intro to Community Recreation, Sport, and Camp Management
PRTM 3250: Global Perspectives in Leisure, Recreation and Tourism
PRTM 4210: Recreation Financial Resources Management
PRTM 8010: Philosophical Foundations

Research Interests

My research focuses on the systems, institutions, and programs that influence the racial socialization of African American youth. Similarly I examine the ways in which racial identity manifests itself in the lives of African American youth. Recognizing the role of faith-based organizations in the African American community, I also explore the ways in which this institution serves youth and the outcomes associated with participation in/with these organizations.

Research Publications

Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)
*indicates publication with current or past graduate student

*Clanton, T.R., Chancellor, H.C., Pinckney, H.P., *Balidemaj, V., & *Hadiandehkordi, P. (Accepted). Bicycling as a Positive Youth Development Mechanism. Journal of Parks and Recreation Association.

Pinckney, H. P., Bryan, N., Outley, C., & *Alexander, A. (Accepted). Disruption of play for Black male youth. American Journal of Play.

Outley, C., *Bowen, S., & Pinckney, H. (2020). Laughing while black: Resistance, coping and the use of humor as a pandemic pastime among blacks. Leisure Sciences, 1-10.

Pinckney IV, H., Outley, C., Brown, A., Stone, G., & Manzano-Sánchez, H. (2019). Rites of passage programs: A culturally relevant youth development program for Black youth. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration. doi: 10.18666/JPRA-2019-9682

Pinckney, H.P., Brown, A., Sène-Harper, A., & Lee, K.J. (2019). A case for Race scholarship: A research note, Journal of Leisure Research, 50(4), 350-358. doi: 10.1080/00222216.2019.1626782

Pinckney, H. P., *Clanton, T., Garst, B., & Powell, G. (2019). Faith-based organizations: Oft overlooked youth development zones. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration. doi: 10.18666/JPRA-2019-8232

Pinckney, H. P., Outley, C. W., & Brown, A. A. (2019). Playing While Black. Leisure Sciences, 1-11. doi: 10.1080/01490400.2018.1534627

Brown, A. A., Outley, C. W., & Pinckney, H. P. (2019). Examining the Use of Leisure for the Sociopolitical Development of Black Youth in Out-of-School Time Programs, Leisure Sciences, 1-11. doi: 10.1080/01490400.2018.1534625

Duffy, L. N., Pinckney, H. P., Benjamin, D., & Mowatt, R. A. (2018). A critical discourse analysis of racial violence in South Carolina, U.S.: Implications for traveling while black. Current Issues in Tourism. DOI: 10.1080/13683500.2018.1494143

Pinckney, H. P., Mowatt, R. A., Outley, C., Brown, A., Floyd, M. F., & Black, K. L. (2018). Black spaces/white spaces: Black lives, leisure, and life politics. Leisure Sciences, 40(4), 267-287.

Duffy, L. N., Pinckney, H. P., Powell, G. M., Bixler, R. D., & McGuire, F. A. (2018). Great theses and dissertation start with an intriguing idea. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education, 22, 82-87.

Stone, G. A., Gagnon, R. J., Garst, B. A., & Pinckney, H. P. (2018). Interpreting perceived constraints to ethnic and racial recreation participation using a recreation systems approach. Loisir et Société/Society and Leisure, 41(1), 154-170.

Stone, G. A., Duffy, L. N., Pinckney, H. P., & Templeton-Bradley, R. (2017). Teaching for critical thinking: preparing hospitality and tourism students for careers in the twenty-first century. Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism, 17(2), 67-84.

Powell, G., Duffy, L., Stone, G., Pinckney, H., Tucker, T., & Cathey, J. (2016). Triple Gain: Practical Ideas for Maximizing Connections Between Students, Faculty, and Professionals. SCHOLE: A Journal Of Leisure Studies And Recreation Education, 31(2). doi:

Pinckney, H.P., Outley, C., Blake, J.J., & Kelly, B. (2011). Promoting positive youth development of black youth: A rites of passage framework. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 29(1).

Honors and Awards

Funded Research Projects: Current or completed projects since 2015

Pinckney, H.P., Bowers, E., & Outley, C. (2020). Louisville Rites of Passage Partnership. Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence. Louisville, KY. Total Funding Requested: $59,492

Pinckney, H.P., Garst, B.A., Boyer, D.M., & Thavarajah, D. (2018). I Am a Scientist. National Science Foundation. Washington, DC. Total Funding: $299,789.


Playing While Black

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