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Faculty and Staff Profile

Jeffrey Peake


Office: 107 Poole Agricultural Center

Phone: (419) 464-6307


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Educational Background

Ph.D. Political Science
Texas A&M University 1999

BA Political Science
Clemson University 1992

Courses Taught

The American Presidency (POSC 4050)
Introduction to American Government (POSC 1010)
The US Congress (POSC 4030)
US Foreign Policy (POSC 3630)
Public Policy (POSC 4210)
Mass Media and American Politics (POSC 3430)
Politics, Policy, and Administration (POST 8250)
Professional Development in Public Policy (POST 9000)
Direct study abroad programs (Spring semester in Belgrade and Summer program in the Balkans)


Professor Peake served as Department Chair of the Department of Political Science, Clemson University, from 2011 to 2023. Prior to joining the faculty at Clemson in 2011, Peake was professor of political science at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. A 1992 Clemson Alumnus (BA, Political Science), he received his PhD in political science from Texas A&M University in 1999.

Research Interests

Peake's research interests focus on the Presidency and Congress. More specifically, Peake has written on presidential leadership of the media and the public, presidential-congressional relations, agenda-setting, and the domestic politics of international agreements. Peake's most recent book, Dysfunctional Diplomacy, is on the politics of treaties and executive agreements during era of polarized politics. He teaches courses on US foreign policy, Congress, the Presidency, and the policy process, and directs the Department's study abroad programs in Belgrade (spring semester) and the Balkans (summer term).

Peake is coauthor of three books, including Dysfunctional Diplomacy: the Politics of International Agreements in an Era of Partisan Polarization (2023, Routledge); Breaking Through the Noise: Presidential Leadership, Public Opinion, and the News Media (2011, Stanford University Press, with Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha); and Treaty Politics and the Rise of Executive Agreements: International Commitments in a System of Shared Powers (2009, The University of Michigan Press, with Glen S. Krutz). His research has appeared in a range of scholarly journals, including The American Political Science Review, Political Research Quarterly, Political Communication, Presidential Studies Quarterly, International Journal of Press/Politics, American Politics Research, International Interactions and Politics & Gender, among others. His current research projects focus on the consequences of changes in the domestic politics of international agreements, partisan polarization in foreign policy, and agenda setting.

Research Publications

Books (since 2011):

Jeffrey S. Peake (2023), Dysfunctional Diplomacy: The Politics of International Agreements in an Era of Partisan Polarization. Routledge Press.

Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha and Jeffrey S. Peake (2011), Breaking through the Noise: Presidential Leadership, Public Opinion and the News Media, Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press ( ISBN: 9780804777056

Peer-Reviewed Articles & Chapters (since 2011):

Jeffery S. Peake. 2021. The Congressional Role in US Diplomacy in an Era of Presidential Unilateralism, Chapter 6 in Congress and U.S. Foreign Policy: Activism, Assertiveness, and Acquiescence in a Polarized Era, eds., Ralph G. Carter and James M. Scott. Rowman Littlefield Press.

Jeffrey S. Peake. 2021. Trump’s Unorthodox Foreign Policy, Chapter in The Unorthodox Presidency of Donald J. Trump, eds., Paul Rutledge and Chapman Rockaway. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas.

Jeffrey S. Peake. 2018. Obama, Unilateral Diplomacy, and Iran: Treaties, Executive Agreements, and Political Commitments, Chapter 8 in Presidential Leadership and National Security: The Obama Legacy, ed., Richard S. Conley. Routledge Press.

Peake, Jeffrey S. 2017. The Domestic Politics of U.S. Treaty Ratification: Bilateral Treaties from 1949-2012, Foreign Policy Analysis.

Peake, Jeffrey S. 2017. Presidential Agenda Setting on the Economy during Economic Crisis, American Review of Politics, 36 (1): 75-100,

Jefffrey S. Peake. 2016. Agenda-Setting Dynamics and Differences Across Issues: Agenda Setting on the Economy and Foreign Policy. Chapter 17 in Handbook of Public Policy Agenda Setting, ed., Nikolaos Zahariadis. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Jeffrey S. Peake. 2016. The Power to Advise and Consent (Treaties), Chapter 17 in The Powers of the U.S. Congress, ed., Brien Hallett. ABC-CLIO.

Peake, Jeffrey S. and Glen S. Krutz. 2014. President Barack Obama, Partisanship, and the Politics of International Agreements, 2014 Annuaire Francais des Relations Internatinales XV: 534-59, in French.

Melissa K. Miller and Jeffrey S. Peake. 2013. Press Effects, Public Opinion, and Gender: Newspaper Coverage of Sarah Palin's Vice Presidential Campaign, International Journal of Press/Politics 18 (October): 482-507.

Jeffrey S. Peake, Glen S. Krutz, and Tyler Hughes. 2012. President Obama, the Senate and the Polarized Politics of Treaty-Making, Social Science Quarterly 93 (5):1295-1315.

Honors and Awards

2021 CBSHS Faculty Excellence Award for Global Engagement
2020-2023 State Department University Collaboration Grant, Clemson University (Department of Political Science) and the University of Belgrade (Faculty of Political Sciences), 2020-2023, $105,000; renewed for 2024 ($94,000).


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