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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

Moonseong Heo


Office: Clemson Nursing at Greenville,

Phone: 864-455-1132


Educational Background

PhD Statistics
University of Rochester 1996

MA Statistics
University of Rochester 1991

MA Applied Statistics in Economics
Yonsei University 1987

BA Economics
Yonsei University 1985

Courses Taught

HLTH 8290: Epidemiological Study Design and Analysis
HLTH 8310: Quantitative Analysis in Health Research I

Research Interests

The areas of my research interest include clinical trial design and analysis, obesity epidemiology, opioid use disorder epidemiology and associated infectious diseases, and pediatric quality improvement.

Research Publications

Since 2021 (Updated December 2022)
Beachler TS, Zeller TA, Heo M, Lanzillotta-Rangeley J, Litwin AH. (2021) Community attitudes toward opioid use disorder and medication for opioid Use disorder in a rural Appalachian county. The Journal of Rural Health, 37, 29-34. PMID: 32738095
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Philips K, Dadlez N, Fazzari M, Samuel S, Southern W, Heo M, Azad N, Drasher M, Rinke ML. (2021) Effect of real-time feedback devices on primary care patient experience scores: A cluster-randomized trial. Journal of Patient Experience. Journal of Patient Experience, Feb; 8, 2374373521996957
Pericot-Valverde I, Rennert LI, Heo M, Niu J, Akiyama MJ, Norton BL, Agyemang L, Lumsden BL, Litwin AH. Litwin A. (2021) Rates of Perfect Self-Reported Adherence to Direct-Acting Antiviral Therapy and Its Correlates Among People Who Inject Drugs on Opioid Agonist Therapy: The PREVAIL Study. Journal of Viral Hepatitis, Mar; 28, 548-557.
Rennert L, Heo M, Litwin AH, De Gruttola V. (2021) Accounting for confounding by time, early intervention adoption, and time-varying effect modification in the design and analysis of stepped-wedge designs: Application to a proposed study design to reduce opioid-related mortality. BMC Medical Research Methodology, Mar; 21, 53.
Bachhuber MA, Nash D, Sothern WN, Heo M, Berger M, Schepis M, Thakral M, Cunningham CO. (2021) Effect of changing electronic health record opioid analgesic dispense quantity defaults on the quantity prescribed: A cluster randomized controlled trial. JAMA Network Open, Apr; 4, e217481.
Howard KA, Rennert L, Pericot-Valverde I, Heo M, Norton BL, Akiyama MJ, Agyemang L, Litwin AH. (2021) Utilizing patient perception of group treatment environment in exploring medication adherence, social support, and quality of life outcomes in people who inject drugs with Hepatitis C. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, Jul, 126, 108459.
Norton BL, Akiyama MJ, Arnsten JH, Agyemang JH, Heo M, Litwin LH. (2021) High HCV Cure Rates among People Who Inject Drugs and have Suboptimal Adherence: A Patient-Centered Approach to HCV Models of Care. International Journal of Drug Policy, Jul; 93, 103135.
Pericot-Valverde I, Heo M, Litwin AH, Niu J, Gaalema D. (2021) Modeling the Effect of Stress on Vaping Lapse Behavior among Young Adults: A Randomized Cross-Over Pilot Study. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Aug; 225, 108798.
Rinke ML, Bundy DG, Heo M, Saiman L, Rabin B, Zachariah P, Rosenberg R, DeLaMora P, Mirhaji P, Drasher M, Obaro-Best O, Ford WJH, Klein E, Zarowin D, Peshansky A, Oyeku S. (2021) Pediatric SSI Following Ambulatory Surgery: Incidence, Risk Factors and Patient Outcomes. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, Aug; 1-7
Heo M, Martin SN, Tunzi N, Zaret E, Wylie-Rosett J. (2021) School-based HealthyMe curricula on health behaviors and weight. Health Behavior and Policy Review, Sep; 8(5), 438-450.
Minhas H, Akiyama MJ, Norton BL, Heo M, Litwin AH. (2021) HIV and HCV Treatment Adherence and Outcomes Among People Who Inject Drugs Receiving Opioid Agonist Therapy. AIDS Care, Sep; 17, 1-5.
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Heo M, Pericot-Valverde I, Rennert L, Akiyama M, Norton B, Gormley M, Agyemang L, Arnsten JH, Litwin AH. (2021) Hepatitis C virus treatment adherence patterns and SVR among people who inject drugs treated in OAT programs. Clinical Infectious Diseases, Dec; 73, 2093-2100.
Ford WJH, Bundy D, Oyeku S, Heo M, Saiman L, Rosenberg R, DeLaMora P, Rabin B, Zachariah P, Mirhaji P, Klein E, Obaro-Best O, Drasher M, Peshansky A, Rinke ML. (2021) Central Venous Catheter Salvage in Pediatric Ambulatory Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection. Pediatrics, Dec; 148, e2020042069
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Pericot-Valverde I, Heo M, Niu J, Rennert L, Norton BL, Akiyama MJ, Arnsten JH, Litwin AH. (2022) Relationship Between Depressive Symptoms and Adherence to Direct-Acting Antivirals: Implications for Hepatitis C Treatment among People Who Inject Drugs on Medications for Opioid Use Disorder. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, May; 234, 109403.
Pericot-Valverde I, Perez A, Heo M, Coleman A, Ortiz E, Litwin A. (2022) Rationale, design, and methodology of a randomized pilot trial of an integrated intervention combining computerized behavioral therapy and recovery coaching for people with opioid use disorder: The OVERCOME study. Contemporary Clinical Trials, May; 28, 100918.

In Press:
Pietrobelli A, Fearnbach SN, Pecoraro L, Ferruzzi A, Vrech M, Heo M, Faith M, Pecoraro L, Zoller T, Antoniazzi F, Piacentini G, Heymsfield SB. Effects of COVID-19 Lockdown on Lifestyle Behaviors in Children: Longitudinal Study Update. Obesity Science & Practice
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Zeller TA, Beben KE, Kong M, Martonffy I, Patterson S, Deas WE, Heo M, Keister DM. Longitudinal Interleaved Residency Training (LIRT): A Consensus Definition. Family Medicine

Honors and Awards

Statistical Editorial Board, International Journal of Obesity
Statistical Editorial Board, JAMA Network Open
Editorial Board, Child and Adolescent Obesity
Editorial Board, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH)
Fellow, The Obesity Society



College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences
College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences | 116 Edwards Hall