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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

Qiping Fan

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

Office: 524 Edwards

Phone: 864-656-3841


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Educational Background

Doctor in Public Health (DrPH) Public Health Sciences
Texas A&M University 2023

Master of Science (MS) Global Health
Duke University 2019

Bachelor of Science (BS) Biotechnology
Wuhan University 2017

Courses Taught

HLTH 3800 Epidemiology


Dr. Qiping Fan is a public health researcher with expertise in maternal and child health, mental health, substance abuse prevention, and digital health for vulnerable populations. She received her Doctoral Degree in Public Health (DrPH) from Texas A&M University, Master of Science (MS) Degree in Global Health from Duke University, and Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology from Wuhan University. She researched postpartum depression in Sri Lanka as the principal investigator, collaborated on research about hypertension management in Nepal in a community-based setting, and examined maternal health service disparities in Ethiopia using national datasets. She has been involved in multiple research projects on mental health, maternal and child health, rural health, substance use, racial/ethnic minority health, and health solutions for people living with dementia. These projects have been funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the National Institute on Aging, and Texas A&M University. She interned or volunteered in multiple public sectors, private sectors, companies, NGOs, and higher education institutions. She served as the National Student Meeting Co-Chair for American Public Health Association (APHA) Student Assembly, Epidemiological Consultant for Texas Department of State Health Services, and Case Investigator and Contact Tracer at the Brazos Valley COVID-19 Operation Center. She currently serves as an Associate Editor of Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) Aging, Communication Committee Member for the Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER), and ad hoc reviewer for multiple peer-reviewed journals such as JMIR, BMC Health Service Research, and BMC Public Health.

Research Interests

Dr. Fan's major research interests include mental health, maternal and child health, substance abuse, racial/ethnic disparities, social determinants of health outcomes and service utilization, digital health solutions for aging care provision, and machine learning applications in epidemiological studies.

Research Publications

12. Myint, W. W.*, Aggad, R., Fan, Q., Mendez, S. E. (2024). Factors Influencing Cervical Cancer Screening Uptake among Reproductive-Aged Filipino Women: Findings from the 2022 Philippines National Demographic and Health Survey. Women’s Health Reports, 5(1), 485-494.
11. Fan, Q.*, Hoang MN, DuBose L, Ory MG, Vennatt J, Salha D, Lee S, Falohun T. (2024). The Digital Caregiving Assistance Platform for Dementia Caregivers: Preliminary Evaluation Study. JMIR Aging, 10.2196/55132.
10. Fan, Q.*, DuBose, L. L., Ory, M. G., Lee, S., Hoang, M. N., Vennatt, J., Kew, C. L., Doyle, D., Falohun, T. (2023). Financial, Legal, and Functional Challenges of Providing Care for People Living With Dementia and Needs for a Digital Platform: Interview Study Among Family Caregivers. JMIR aging, 10.2196/47577.
9. Ajayi, K. V.*, Flores, S., Fan, Q., Ezenwanne, F., Garney, W., Wachira, E. (2023). Prevalence, correlates, and source of women’s health information-seeking behaviors in the United States. Patient Education and Counseling, 107703.
8. Oloruntoba, O.*, Nuzhath, T., Aggad, R., Fan, Q., Smith., M. (2022) Meeting The Mentorship Needs of International Students in the United States. Health Behavior Research: Vol. 5: No. 3.
7. Fan, Q., DuPont-Reyes, M., Hossain,M.M., Chen, L.S., Lueck, J., Ma., P*. (2022) Racial and Ethnic Differences in Major Depressive Episode, Severe Role Impairment, and Mental Health Service Utilization in U.S. Adolescents. Journal of Affective Disorders. doi:10.1016/j.jad.2022.03.015
6. Fan, Q.*, Roque, M., Nuzhath, T., Hossain., Jin, X., Aggad, R., Myint, W.W., Zhang, G., McKyer, L., Ma, P. (2021). Changes in Levels and Determinants of Maternal Health Service Utilization in Ethiopia: Comparative Analysis of Two Rounds Ethiopian Demographic and Health Surveys. Maternal and Child Health Journal.
5. Nuzhath, T., Ajayi, K. V., Fan, Q., Hotez, P., Colwell, B., Callaghan, T., Regan, A. K.* (2021). Childhood immunization during the COVID-19 pandemic in Texas. Vaccine. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine. 2021.04.050
4. Tan, J., Xu, H., Fan, Q., Neely, O., Doma, R., Gundi, R., Shrestha, B., Shrestha, A., Shrestha, S., Karmacharya, B., Gu, W., Ostbye, T., Yan, L*. (2020). Hypertension Care Coordination and Feasibility of Involving Female Community Health Volunteers in Hypertension Management in Kavre District, Nepal: A Qualitative Study. Global Heart. 15(1).
3. Hossain, MM.*, Sultana, A., Tasnim, S., Fan, Q., Ma, P., McKyer, E. L. J., Purohit, N. (2020). Prevalence of mental disorders among people who are homeless: an umbrella review. International Journal of Social Psychiatry. 66(6):528-541
2. Fan, Q.*, Long, Q., De Silva, V., Guanarathna,N., Jayathilaka, U., Dabrera, T., Lynn, H., Ostbye, T.(2019). Prevalence and Risk Factors for Postpartum Depression in Sri Lanka: A Population-Based Study. Asian Journal of Psychiatry. doi: 10.1016/j.ajp.2019.101855
1. Hossain, MM.*, Sultana, A., Shaik, AF., Fan, Q., Faizah, F.(2019) Psychoanalysis in the era of precision psychiatry. Asian Journal of Psychiatry.

Honors and Awards

Delta Omega Honor Society- Alpha Tau Chapter (10%), Texas A&M University (TAMU), School of Public Health (SPH), 2023
2023 Awards for Excellence In Research (selected 1 from all doctoral graduates), TAMU-SPH, 2023
Shibata International Memorial Scholarship (1/5000+ international students), TAMU, 2022
Academic Excellence Award (Top 1%), Association of Former Students (AFS) Scholarship, TAMU, 2022-2023
Affiliated Fellow, American Academy of Health Behavior (AAHB), 2022-present
Lyndon Haviland Scholarship, American Public Health Association (APHA), 2022
Resa Jones Leadership Scholarship, APHA-SA, 2022
Career Enhancement Student Scholarship, APHA-Disability Section, 2021
Rising Star Scholar in Population Health Sciences, University of Utah, December 2022
Travel Award to moderate 2022 Society of Perinatal Epidemiological Research (SPER) Annual Meeting
Travel Award to present at 2021 American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting
Travel Award to present at 2021 Society of Perinatal Epidemiological Research (SPER) Annual Meeting
Travel Award to present at 2020 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting
Service and Travel Award for COVID-19 Epidemiological Assistance for Texas State Health Department, TAMU-SPH, 2020
Travel Award to present at 2020 American Academy of Health Behaviors (AAHB) Annual Meeting
Graduate Assistantships (Research and Teaching), TAMU-SPH, 2019-2023



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