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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

Stephanie Davis

Professor, CUSHR Scholar and Family Nurse Practitioner

Office: 605 Grove Rd. Rm 471, Greenvil

Phone: 864-952-9166

Fax: 864-656-5488

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Educational Background

Certificate Women's Studies
University of South Carolina 2005

PhD Nursing
University of South Carolina 2005

MSN Nursing
Georgia Southern University 2001

BSN Nursing
Armstrong Atlantic State Universityunity College 1998

ADN Nursing
Brunswick Junior College (former name) 1992

Courses Taught

NURS 3230: Gerontology
NURS 3100: Physical Assessment
NURS 8220: Gerontology
NURS 8230: Nurse Practitioner Practicum
NURS 8060: Advanced Assessment
NURS 8040: Knowledge Development in Advanced Nursing
NURS 8070: Nursing Research Design and Methods
NURS 8280: The Nurse Educator
NURS 9070: DNP Healthcare Economics and Finance
NURS 8790: Teaching Enhancement
NURS 9090: DNP Practice Improvement Project I
NURS 9100: DNP Practice Improvement Project II
NURS 9110: DNP Practice Improvement Project II
NURS 9060: DNP Outcomes Management
NURS 9210: DNP Roles and Theory
NURS 9270: DNP Economics and Finance


Dr. Stephanie Davis is a Professor in the School of Nursing and a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing. Dr. Davis is a nationally certified family nurse practitioner with a certificate in women’s studies. She maintains clinical practice in a weight management clinic. Her research interests include women’s health (quality of life with breast cancer, body image, sexuality, and social support) international health, health of rural and under-served populations, educational pedagogy, and weight management. Dr. Davis has served on the Volunteers in Medical Missions Board of Directors for many years, holding positions as Vice-Chair and Personnel/Nominations Committee Chair. She currently serves as Chair of the Board of Directors. She serves on the South Carolina Nurses Foundation Board of Trustees, with the South Carolina Nurses Assocation, and as the South Carolina Nurses Association, Nurse Educator Chapter Member At Large. She is also a member of the Nurses Honor Guard of SC. Dr. Davis is one of the contributors of the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties Nurse Practitioner Role Core Competencies released in 2021. Dr. Davis formerly served as the Director of Graduate Programs in the School of Nursing. She was co-lead for the taskforce for the development and accreditation of the DNP post-master's and post-baccalaureate tracks.

Research Interests

Dr. Davis works to transform health care through: activities aimed at improving health outcomes for populations in rural/under-served areas regionally, nationally and globally; identifying and working to reduce barriers to access to healthcare; impacting outcomes of patients through student (future providers) education; serving on a state and international Board of Directors; and, service to numerous professional organizations.

Research Funding
2022 - current Valentine, K., McFarlane, Koci, A., Allison, K., Briggs, A., Swinton, C., Sullivan, V., Kilgus, M., Davis, S., Whitcomb, J., Deas, V., Rogers, K., Wetsel, M, Parker, V., Gonzales, L. Go Mobile: Rural, Nurse-led Expansion and Education of Diverse Workforce Practice for Underserved Populations in Appalachian and Midlands, SC. HRSA 22-056: Nurse Education, Practice Quality and Retention-Mobile Health Training program. (Awarded for 2022-2026)

2019 -2024 Davis, S.C., Wetsel, M., Parker, V., Valentine, K.L, Miller, L.B., Amerson, R., Koci, A.F., Wright, M.E., Stanley, L., Swinton, C., Cull, D.L. Expanding the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Workforce with Expertise in Diverse, Rural and/or Underserved Populations in Appalachia Upstate South Carolina. Advanced Nursing Education Workforce ([ANEW] T94HP32896-01-00; Funding Opportunity Announcement, HRSA19003) grant funded by Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Total Awarded: $2,761,521. (Awarded for 2019-2023). Role: PI

2019 Davis, S.C., Wetsel, M.A., Parker, V., and Valentine, K. CVS Health Foundation grant. Nurse practitioner student scholarship support. ($5,000). Status: Awarded

2018 Davis, S.C., Wetsel, M.A., Parker, V., and Valentine, K. CVS Health Foundation grant. Nurse practitioner student scholarship support. ($5,000). Status: Awarded

Healthy Greenville 2036. "Expanding Primary Care Access in Greenville County Through Nurse Practitioner Education Support from 2017-2019. Principal Investigator: Margaret Wetsel, Co-I: Stephanie Davis, Veronica Parker, Kathleen Valentine. Total awarded: $410,000

Research Publications

Davis, S.C., and Snyder, E. Factors Which Impact the Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Survivors. Submitted to The Nurse Practitioner, (In press. November 2023. To be printed May 2024).

McCoy, M., Sarasua, S.M., DeLuca, J., Davis, S., Rogers, C.R., Phelan, K., & Boccuto, L. Candidate genes for kidney disorders in Phelan-McDermid Syndrome: Findings from the Phelan-McDermid International Registry. Submitted to Pediatric Nephrology (in press) September 2023.

Nacarelli, G., Fasolino, T., Davis, S., Bible, J.D., Puy, A., & Haleyzitlin, V. (2023). Dietary, Macronutrient, Micronutrient and Nutrigenic Factors Impacting Cardiovascular Risk Markers Apolipoprotein A and Apolipoprotein A1: A Narrative Review. Nutrition Reviews (

McCoy, M.D., Sarasua, S.M., DeLuca, J.M., Davis, S., Phelan, K., Rogers, R.C., and Boccuto, L., (2022). State of the Science for Kidney Disorders in Phelan-McDermid Syndrome: UPK3A, FBLN1, WNT7B, and CELSR1 as Candidate Genes. Genes 2022, 13, 1042.

Snyder, E.F., Davis, S.C. Aldrich, K., Veerabagu, M., Larussa, T., Abenavoli, L., and Boccuto, L., (2021) Management of Crohn’s Disease: Identification, Diagnosis, and Clinical Management. Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 46(12), 22-31. (CE Offering).

Wallace. L., Davis, S., Meehan, N., Parker, V., and King, K., (2021, online). Educational Program Impact on School-based Telehealth: Parent Willingness to Use. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners,

Davis, S.C., Robinson, B.L., Vess, J., and Lebel, J., (2018). Medical Management of Ulcerative Colitis in Primary Care. The Nurse Practitioner, 43(1); 11-19.

Busby, S.R., Kennedy, B., Davis, S.C., Thomas, H. A., and Jones, J.W. Helping Patients Keep Themselves Safe. Assessing Patient Awareness of Proper Hand Hygiene. Nursing 2015, 45(5); 27-30.

Robinson, B.L., Davis, S.C., Vess, J., and Lebel, J., (2015). Management of Celiac Disease in Primary Care. The Nurse Practitioner, 40(2),28-34. (CE Offering).

Davis, S.D. and Pruitt, R.H. (2014). Mastering the Differential Diagnosis for Nurse Practitioner Students. The International Journal for Nurse Practitioner Educators, 3(1). Available:

Darnell, S.W. Davis, S.C., Whitcomb, J.J., McLaurin, B. T., and Manfredi, J.A. (2014). Bleeding Risk Factors Affecting Warfarin Therapy in Elderly with Atrial Fibrillation. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, 33(2):57-63

McAlister, B.S., Davis, S.C., Whitcomb, J.J., and Sudhirkumar, C.P., (2012) Amiodorone Use to Prevent Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation after Cardiac Surgery. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing; 31 (1):7-12 22156805.

Olyarchuk, L., Willoughby, D., Davis, S., and Newsom, S. (2012) Examining the Benefits of Vaccinating Adults Against Pertussis. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 24(10), 587–594.

Reese, A., Willoughby, D., Davis, S., & Silver, T., (2011) The Use of Honey for Treating Chronic Wounds. The American Journal for Nurse Practitioners 15(9/10).

Davis, S.C., and Willoughby, D. (2010), Practitioner Willingness to Discuss Sexual Issues with Women with Chronic Disease. Women’s Healthcare, 9(9).11-17.

Mackey MC, Davis SC, Tavakoli A. (2010), Factors Related to Health-Promoting Behaviors of White and Black College Women. American Journal for Nurse Practitioners Online, 14(11/12).

Foster, M., Eggert, J., Davis, S., and Chasedunn-Roark, J. (2010) Review of Hormone Replacement Therapy after Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer. Women’s Healthcare, 9(9), 33-37.

Davis, S.C., Meneses, K., and Hilfinger-Messias, D.K., (2010) Sexuality and Quality of Life in Women with Breast Cancer after Surgical Treatment, The Nurse Practitioner, 35(9), 25-31.

Chesney, E.T., Davis, S.C., Duggan, L., and Natarajan, S. (2010) Does Incidence of Metabolic Syndrome Increase Risk for Certain Cancers? The American Journal for Nurse Practitioners. 14/4, 25-32.

Honors and Awards

Dr. Davis was inducted as Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (Academy) on October 29, 2022 in Washington, DC. She is one of less than 3,000 Fellows globally. Dr. Davis is a Faculty Scholar in the Clemson University School of Health Research (CUSHR). She was one of 30 faculty campus-wide chosen for the Inaugural Provost's Leadership Development Summit. She is a past awardee of the Excellence in Graduate Academic Advising award. Dr. Davis is also an awardee of the Palmetto Gold Nurse Recognition and Scholarship Program Recognition of Excellence in Nursing Practice and Commitment to the Profession, awarded by the South Carolina Nurses Association (SCNA.


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