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Faculty and Staff Profile

Steve Miller

Associate Professor

Office: 230A Brackett Hall



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Educational Background

Ph.D. Political Science
University of Alabama 2012

B.A. Political Science
The Ohio State University 2006

Courses Taught

International Conflict
Intro to International Relations
Quantitative Methods in Political Science
United States Foreign Policy


I am an associate professor in political science and current faculty adviser to Pi Sigma Alpha (Eta Lambda Chapter) at Clemson University. My research has been published in journals like Comparative Political Studies, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Peace Research, Conflict Management and Peace Science, Political Behavior, and Social Science Quarterly.

Research Interests

My research and teaching interests include international conflict, democratic peace and conflict behavior, and political behavior. In particular, my current research agenda focuses on changes in individual-level attitudes and political behavior as part of the conflict process linking salient issues in the international system to militarized conflict.

Research Publications

Curtis, K. Amber and Steven V. Miller. Forthcoming. “A (Supra)Nationalist Personality? The Big Five’s Effects on Political-Territorial Identification.” European Union Politics.

Miller, Steven V. Forthcoming. “Economic Anxiety or Ethnocentrism? An Evaluation of Attitudes Toward Immigration in the U.S. From 1992 to 2017.” Social Science Journal.

Miller, Steven V. and Nicholas T. Davis. Forthcoming. “The Effect of White Social Prejudice on Support for American Democracy.” Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics.

Gibler, Douglas M., Steven V. Miller, and Erin K. Little. 2020. “The Importance of Correct Measurement.” International Studies Quarterly 64(2): 476–479.

Miller, Steven V. 2019. "What Americans Think About Gun Control: Evidence from the General Social Survey, 1972-2016". Social Science Quarterly 100(1): 272-88.

Miller, Steven V. 2018. "External Territorial Threats and Tolerance of Corruption: A Private/Government Distinction." Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy 24(1). doi: 10.1515/peps-2017-0043

Miller, Steven V. 2017. "The Effect of Terrorism on Judicial Confidence." Political Research Quarterly. 70(4): 790-802.

Miller, Steven V. 2017. "Individual-Level Expectations of Executive Authority under Territorial Threat." Conflict Management and Peace Science. 34(5): 526-545.

Miller, Steven V. 2017. "Economic Threats or Societal Turmoil? Understanding Preferences for Authoritarian Political Systems." Political Behavior. 39(2): 457-478.

Gibler, Douglas M., Steven V. Miller, and Erin K. Little. 2016. "An Analysis of the Militarized Interstate Dispute (MID) Dataset, 1816-2001." International Studies Quarterly 60(4): 719-730.

Gibler, Douglas M. and Steven V. Miller. 2014. "External Territorial Threat, State Capacity, and Civil War." Journal of Peace Research 61(5): 634-646.

Miller, Steven V. 2013. "Territorial Disputes and the Politics of Individual Well-Being." Journal of Peace Research 50(6): 677-690.

Gibler, Douglas M. and Steven V. Miller. 2013. "Quick Victories? Territory, Democracies and Their Disputes." Journal of Conflict Resolution 57(2): 258-284.

Gibler, Douglas M., Marc L. Hutchison, and Steven V. Miller. 2012. "Individual Identity Attachments and International Conflict: The Importance of Territorial Threat." Comparative Political Studies 45(12): 1655-1683.

Gibler, Douglas M. and Steven V. Miller. 2012. "Comparing the Foreign Aid Policies of Presidents Bush and Obama." Social Science Quarterly 92(5): 1202-1217.

Miller, Steven V. and Douglas M. Gibler. 2011. "Democracies, Territory and Negotiated Compromises." Conflict Management and Peace Science 28(3): 261-279.

Honors and Awards

Professor of the Game, Oct. 28, 2017

40 Under 40: Professors Who Inspire


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