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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

Thomas Maher

Assistant Professor

Office: Brackett Hall Rm. 137

Phone: (864) 656-4210


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Educational Background

Ph.D Sociology
Ohio State University 2013

M.A. Sociology
Ohio State University 2007

B.A Sociology and History
Purdue University 2004

Courses Taught

Introduction to Sociology
Research Methods
Sociological Theory


Dr. Maher's research focuses on the intersection between social movements, organizations, and political sociology. He is primarily interested in state and organizational reactions to protest movements, and who participates in activism.

Research Interests

Politics, Social Movements, Organizations, Culture

Research Publications

2020 Maher, Thomas V., Morgan Johnstonbaugh, and Jennifer Earl. “’One Size Doesn’t Fit All’: Connecting Views of Activism with Youth Activist Identification” Mobilization. 25(1): 27-44.

2020 Maher, Thomas V., Charles Seguin, Andrew Davis, and Yongjun Zhang. “Social Scientists’ Testimony Before Congress in the United States between 1946-2016, Trends from a New Dataset.” PLOS One.

2019 Maher, Thomas V. and Jennifer Earl. “Barrier or Booster? Digital Media, Social Networks, and Youth Micromobilization” Sociological Perspectives. 62(6): 865-883.

2019 Maher, Thomas V., Andrew Martin, John McCarthy, and Lisa M. Moorhead. “Assessing the Explanatory Power of Social Movement Theories across the Life Course of the Civil Rights Movement” Social Currents. 6(5): 399-421.

2017 Maher, Thomas V., and Jennifer Earl. “Pathways to Contemporary Youth Protest: The Continuing Relevance of Family, Friends, and School for Youth Micromobilization.” Studies in Media and Communications. 14:55-87

2017 Bird, Jackson and Thomas V. Maher. “Turning Fans Into Heroes: How the Harry Potter Alliance uses the power of story to facilitate fan activism and bloc recruitment.” Studies in Media and Communications. 14:23-54

2017 Elliot, Thomas, Jennifer Earl, and Thomas V. Maher. “Recruiting Inclusiveness: Intersectionality, Social Movements, and Youth Online.” Research in Social Movements, Conflict, and Change. 41. p. 279-311.

2017 Earl, Jennifer, Thomas V. Maher, and Thomas Elliott. “Youth, Activism, and Social
Movements” Sociology Compass. 11(4)

2016 Jenkins, J. Craig and Thomas V. Maher. “What To Do About Source Selection in Event Data? Challenges, Progress, and Possible Solutions.” International Journal of Sociology. 46(1):42-57.

2014 Jenkins, J. Craig, Thomas V. Maher, & Chuck Fahrer. “Seedbeds of Insurgency:
Structure and Dynamics in the Egyptian Islamist Insurgency, 1986-1999.” Journal of Peace Research. 51(4):470-486.

2011 Einwohner, Rachel L. and Thomas V. Maher. “Threat Assessment and Collective-Action Emergence: Death-Camp and Ghetto Resistance during the Holocaust” Mobilization 16(2):127-146.

2010 Maher, Thomas V. “Threat, Resistance, & Mobilization: The Cases of Auschwitz, Sobibór, and Treblinka.” American Sociological Review 75(2):252-72.

2008 Maher, Thomas V. and Lindsey Peterson. “Time and Country Variation in Contentious Politics; Multi-Level Modeling of Dissent and Repression” International Journal of Sociology 38(3):58-81.

College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences
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