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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff Profile

William Norman


Office: 275B Lehotksy Hall

Phone: 864-617-3582

Fax: 864-656-2226

Educational Background

Ph.D. Recreation, Park and Leisure Services
University of Minnesota 1995

M.S. Park and Recreation Resources
Michigan State University 1987

B.S. Recreation Resource Management
University of Minnesota 1980

Courses Taught

PRTM 1010 Concepts of Leisure
PRTM 2200 Conceptual Foundations of Parks, Recreation and Tourism
PRTM 3010 Recreation and Society
PRTM 3420 Introduction to Tourism Management
PRTM 3430 Spatial Aspect of Tourist Behavior
PRTM 3450 Tourism Management
PRTM 3490 Survey of Tourism Sites
PRTM 3920 Special Event Management
PRTM 4410 Commercial Recreation
PRTM 4440 Tour Planning and Operations
PRTM 4460 Community Tourism Development
PRTM 6410 Commercial Recreation
PRTM 6440 Tour Planning and Operations
PRTM 6460 Community Tourism Development
PRTM 8400 Tourism Planning


Bill Norman is a Professor in Clemson University's Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management and the former Director of the Recreation, Travel and Tourism Institute. Dr. Norman works closely with graduate students from around the world conducting theoretically-based and applied recreation and tourism research that assists South Carolina's tourism industry and leisure service providers as well as other industry sectors (e.g., aquaculture). Prior to joining Clemson University in 1995, Bill was a Marketing Specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Extension'ss Tourism Research and Resource Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Research Interests

Dr. Norman's research focuses on leisure travel decision making, recreation behavior, leisure constraints, tourism marketing and the study of niche travel markets (i.e., agritourism, heritage tourism, sport tourism, fisheries tourism, culinary tourism, and nature-based tourism). His current research examines the contribution and impact of tourism to the sustainability of South Carolina's rural and coastal communities.

Research Publications

An, Y., Mo, J. W., Norman, W. C. (2021). Investigating residents ’attitudes towards tourism growth in downtown Greenville, SC: the effect of demographic variables. Sustainability, 13(15), 8474.

Henry, C. M., Hallo, J. C., Blacketer, M., Brownlee, M. T. J., Norman, W. C., & Beeco, A. (September, 2021). “It felt like walking through a night sky”: managing the visitor experience during biologically-based nighttime events. Event Management.

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