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Faculty and Staff Profile

Bi Fon Chang

Associate Professor
Visiting Research Scholar

Phone: 864-650-4083

 Educational Background

Ph.D Department of Human Performance
University of the Incarnate Word. TX 2004

M.S Health, Human Performance & Recreation
Pittsburg State University, KS 2001

BS Department of Sport Training Science-Balls
National Taiwan Sport University, Taiwan 1997


2011-Present Associate Professor, Department of Physical Education, National Taichung University of Education 2011-2016 Director of Athletes Department 2006-2011 Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education, National Taichung University of Education 2004-2006 Assistant Professor, Office of Physical Education, Chung Shan Medical University 2003-2004 Pecan Valley Golf Course-Ambassador

 Research Interests

Dr. Chang's research interests have been on "Sports Management, Tourism Management Tennis Coaching Science and Physical Education ".
In particular, Dr. Chang would like to learn all the potential topics in the "Sport, Recreation and Tourism Management " from Department of PRTM and develop them into Bifon's research training and specialty.

 Research Publications

B. F. Chang, C. C. Liu, H. Y. Chang (2018). Characteristic of Shoulder and Hip Rotation Range of Motion in Adolescent Tennis Players. The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness,58(4), 450-456.
C. C. Liu, C. C. Yang, L. T. Tsai, B.F. Chang ,H. Y. Chang, C. F. Liu (2016). Digital Dynamometer and Goniometer in Analyzing Isometric Capacities and Tennis Serving. MATEC Web of Conferences, 71, 1-6.
B. F. Chang & C.C. Liu (2016). The Effect of Explosiveness on the Serve of Adolescent Tennis Players, Sports Coaching Science, 42, 41-48.
H.Y. Chang., S. C. Cheng., W. L. Wu & B. F. Chang (2016). Comparison of shoulder range of motion and stability between pitchers with and without shoulder internal rotation deficit symptom, Physical Education Journal 49(3), 303-315.
C. J. Chen., B. F. Chang & J. Y. Chien (2014) Effects of Mirror-Neuron Activation on Motor Skill Learning, Sports Coaching Science, 35, 47-57.
B. F. Chang & C.C. Liu (2014). The Relationship between Lower Body Strength and Base Line Hitting Ability in Different Lever Tennis Players, Sports Coaching Science, 34, 1-9.
B. F. Chang & C.C. Liu (2013). Tennis Serving and Receiving Skills Research Theory and Application. NTUST Physical Education Journal, 9, 67-74.
C. J. Chen & B. F. Chang (2013). An Analysis of the Serving Performance of Women Tennis Players, NTUST Physical Education Journal, 9, 5-14.
B. F. Chang & C.C. Liu (2013). United States Tennis Association's High Performance Profile Empirical Verification in Taiwan. Quarterly of Chinese Physical Education, 27(4), 351-358.
C. C. Yang., L.T.Tsai & B. F. Chang (2013). Revaluating Rankings of Female Tennis Players of All Time by Win-or-Lose Network Analysis, Sports & Exercise Research, 5(2), 218-227.
B. F. Chang (2011). Relationship between Balance and Serve Skill for Collegiate Tennis Players. Physical Education Journal, 44(1), 45-55.