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Faculty and Staff Profile

Daniel Frost

Assistant Professor

Office: 230I Brackett Hall
Phone: 864-656-1097

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Politics
Princeton University 2013

M.A. Politics
Princeton University 2009

B.A. Philosophy
Brigham Young University 2007

 Courses Taught

U.S. Constitutional Law: Rights and Liberties
U.S. Constitutional Law: Structures of Government
Religious Liberty and the Constitution
Individual Autonomy and the Constitution
Contemporary Political Thought

 Research Interests

U.S. Constitutional law, U.S. Constitutional history, religious liberty, political theory.

 Research Publications

"Getting Into Mischief - On What it Means to Appeal to the U.S. Constitution" - International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, available at

"Sexually Conservative Religious Universities and Tax Exemption" - Journal of Church and State, available at

"Judicial Excellence After Earl Warren" - Judicature, forthcoming