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Faculty and Staff Profile

Marjie Britz, Ph.D.


Office: 138 Brackett Hall
Phone: 864-656-3238
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 Educational Background

Ph.D. Criminal Justice
Michigan State University 1994

MS Police Administration
Michigan State University 1992

BS Forensic Science
Jacksonville State University 1989

 Courses Taught

SOC-388 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
SOC 389 - Criminology
SOC 398 - Computer Crime
SOC 468 - Criminal Evidence
SOC 486 - Creative Inquiry (2-4 semester course on special topic)
SOC 494 - Organized Crime


Dr. Marjie T. Britz is a Professor of Criminal Justice at Clemson University. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Forensic Science and Police Administration from Jacksonville State University, a Master’s of Science and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University. She has published in the areas of computer crime, organized crime, and the police subculture. She has acted as a consultant to a variety of organizations, and provided training to an assortment of law enforcement agencies. In addition, she has served on editorial and supervisory boards in both academic and practitioner venues. Her latest work on computer crime includes the second edition of Computer Forensics and Cybercrime: An Introduction. She is currently completing her latest manuscript on Italian organized crime in the United States, the third edition of her book on computer crime, and continuing her research on street gangs, cybergangs, terrorism, and transnational organized crime.

 Research Interests

Organized Crime, Computer/Cyber Crime, Street Gangs, Police Policy, Computer Forensics, Criminal Evidence, Terrorism and Technology, Convergence of Technology & Organized Crime, Convergence of Technology & Terrorism

 Research Publications


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