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Faculty and Staff Profile

D Moore


Office: Brackett 312i
Phone: 4983

 Educational Background

Ph.D Developmental
Michigan State University 1979

MA Developmental
Michigan State University 1977

BA Psychology
University of North Texas 1974

 Courses Taught

Psych 8100: Research Design and Quantitative Methods I (Graduate)
Psych 8130: Research Design & Quantitative Methods III (Graduate)
Psych 8730: Structural Equation Modeling (Graduate)
Psych 8140: Laboratory in Quantitative Methods (Graduate)
Psych 3090: Introductory Experimental Psychology (Undergraduate)

 Research Interests

Quantitative Methods

 Research Publications

Brownlee, M. T. J., Hallo, J. C., Jodice, L.W., Moore, D., Powell, R. B, & Wright, B. A. (2015). Place attachment and marine recreationists’ attitudes towards offshore wind energy development. Journal of Leisure Research, 47, 263-284.

Klevens, J., Barnett, S. B., Florence, C., & Moore, D. (2015). Exploring policies for the reduction of child physical abuse and neglect. Child Abuse & Neglect. 40, 1-11.

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Munanura, I. E., Backman, K. F., Moore, D., Hallo, J. C., & Powell, R. B. (2014). Household poverty dimensions influencing forest dependence at Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda: An application of the sustainable livelihoods framework. Natural Resources, 5, 1031-1047.

Vagias, W. M., Powell, R. B., Moore, D., & Wright, B. A. (2014). Predicting behavioral intentions to comply with recommended leave no trace practices. Leisure Sciences. Leisure Sciences, 36, 439-457.

Brownlee, M. T. J., Hallo, J. C., Moore, D., Powell, R. B, & Wright, B. A. (2014). Attitudes towards water conservation: The influence of site specific factors and beliefs in climate change. Society and Natural Resources. Society and Natural Resources, 27, 964-982.

Brownlee, M. T. J., Hallo, J. C., Wright, B. A., Moore, D., & Powell, R. B. (2013). Visiting a climate-influenced national park: The stability of climate change perceptions. Environmental Management, 52, 1132-1148.

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Vagias, W. M., Powell, R. B., Moore, D., & Wright, B. A. (2012). Development, psychometric qualities, and cross-validation of the Leave No Trace Attitudinal Inventory and Measure (LNT AIM). Journal of Leisure Research, 44, 234-256.

McCubbin, J. A., Peach, H., Moore, D., & Pilcher, J. J. (2012). Decreased cognitive/CNS function in young adults at risk for hypertension: Effects of sleep deprivation. International Journal of Hypertension, 2012, Article ID 989345, 9 pages.

Zabrucky, K.M., Moore, D., & Agler, L.L. (2012). Metacomprehension across the lifespan: influence of education and instructional support. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 46, 601-604.