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Faculty and Staff Profile

Brent Hawkins

Assistant Professor
Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

Office: 269 Lehotsky Hall
Phone: 864-656-0458

 Educational Background

PhD Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
Clemson University 2013

MS Recreational Therapy Administration
East Carolina University 2009

BS Recreational Therapy
East Carolina University 2006

 Courses Taught

PRTM 2980/3980/4980: Creative Inquiry - Effects of a Recreation-based Military Family Camp on Family Functioning
PRTM 3240: Assessment and Planning in Recreational Therapy
PRTM 3270: Recreational Therapy Implementation and Evaluation-Mental Health Conditions
PRTM 4260: Trends and Issues in Recreational Therapy
PRTM 8700: Foundations and Contemporary Issues in Recreational Therapy Practice
PRTM 9350: Teaching Clinical Skills in Recreational Therapy
PRTM 9360: Research Practicum


Dr. Brent L. Hawkins is an Assistant Professor in Recreational Therapy within the department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management at Clemson University. Dr. Hawkins is also a certified and licensed recreational therapist. His primary research interest includes the investigation of functional and quality of life outcomes associated with recreational therapy and other rehabilitation programs for civilians and veterans with disabilities. Community reintegration among injured servicemembers and recreational therapy’s role in the assisting service members with transitioning after injury and military service are his top research priorities. Dr. Hawkins has a history of publications and presentations regarding treatment of and programming for injured service members and veterans, as well as other areas related to recreational therapy. He also serves as the section lead for the returning veterans section of the American Journal of Recreation Therapy and was a past leader of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association’s Military/Veterans Affairs Treatment Network. Dr. Hawkins practical experience includes working in inpatient physical rehabilitation as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and in community mental health programs.

 Research Interests

The investigation of the functional, community reintegration, quality of life, and health outcomes associated with recreational therapy and rehabilitation programs for civilians and veterans with disabling conditions.

 Research Publications

Peer-reviewed publications:

Van Puymbroeck, M., Schmid, A.A., Walter, A., & Hawkins, B. (2017). Improving leisure constraints in older adults with a fear of falling through hatha yoga: An acceptability and feasibility study. International Journal of Gerontology and Geriatric Research, 1(1), 007-013. Available at:

Hawkins, B.L. & Crowe, B.M. (2017). Contextual facilitators and barriers of community reintegration among injured female military veterans: A qualitative study. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In press. 10.1016/j.apmr.2017.07.018

Goodwin, B.J., Hawkins, B.L., Townsend, J.A., Van Puymbroeck, M., & Lewis, S. (2016). Therapeutic riding and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An application of the theory of self-efficacy. American Journal of Recreation Therapy, 15(4), 41-47.

Hawkins, B.L., Townsend, J.A., & Garst, B.A. (2016). Nature-based recreational therapy for military service members: A strengths approach. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 50(1), 55-74.

Cordle, J.L., Van Puymbroeck, M., Hawkins, B.L., & Baldwin, E. (2016). The effects of utilizing high element ropes courses as a treatment intervention on self-efficacy. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 50(1), 75-92.

Hawkins, B.L., McGuire, F.A., Linder S.M., & Britt, T.W. (2015). Understanding the contextual influences of community reintegration among injured military service members. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development. 52(5), 527-542.

Hawkins, B.L., McGuire, F.A., Britt, T.W., & Linder, S.M. (2015). Identifying contextual influences of community reintegration among injured servicemembers. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 52(2), 235-246.

Hawkins, B.L. (2015). Review of Leisure and Aging: Ulyssean Living in Later Life (5th ed). American Journal of Recreation Therapy, 13(3), 47-48.

Hawkins, B.L., Williams, R.S., Shores, K.A., Loy, D.P., Landry, C.E., & Barrett, J.L. (2015). Recreational therapy services with individuals recovering from spinal cord injury in inpatient rehabilitation: A cost-effectiveness analysis. American Journal of Recreation Therapy, 13(3), 13-21.

Hawkins, B.L., Ryan, J.B., Cory, A.L, & Donaldson, M.C. (2014). Effects of equine-assisted therapy on gross motor skills of two children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A single-subject research study. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 48(2), 135-149.

Hawkins, B.L., Cory, A.L., McGuire, F.A., & Allen, L.R. (2012). Therapeutic recreation in education: Considerations for therapeutic recreation practitioners, school systems, and policy-makers. Journal of Disability Policy Studies 23(3), 131-139.

Hawkins, B.L., Stegall, J.B., Weber, M.F., & Ryan, J.B. (2012). The influence of a yoga exercise program for young adults with intellectual disabilities. International Journal of Yoga, 5(2), 151-156.

Hawkins, B.L., Cory, A.L., & Crowe, B.M. (2011). Effects of participation in a Paralympic military sports camp on injured service members: Implications for therapeutic recreation. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 45(4), 309-325.

Book Chapters:

Townsend, J., Hawkins, B.L., & Bennett, J. (2014). Chapter 12: Military Service Members. In D. Austin, M. Crawford, B. McCormick, & M. Van Puymbroeck (Eds.) Recreational Therapy: An Introduction (4th ed.). Champaign, IL: Sagamore Publishing.

 Honors and Awards

2016 American Therapeutic Recreation Scholarly Achievement Award
2016 Faculty Scholar in the Clemson University School of Health Research (2016-2019)
2015 American Therapeutic Recreation Association Excellence in Education Award (awarded to the Clemson University Recreational Therapy program)
2015 Southeast Recreational Therapy Symposium Ann James Award of Excellence
2014 American Therapeutic Recreation Association Partner Certificate of Recognition