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Faculty and Staff Profile

Gwynn Powell

Associate Professor

Office: 269 Lehotsky Hall
Phone: 864-656-6123

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Parks, Recreation, Tourism
Clemson Univerisity 2001

M.S. Outdoor Recreation
Indiana Univerisity 1986

B.A. Psychology
Mercer University 1985

 Courses Taught

PRTM 3530 Introduction to Camp Counseling
PRTM 3530 Camp Administration
PRTM 3540 Youth Development in the Camp Setting
PRTM 2200 Foundations of PRTM
PRTM 9110 Professional Issues in PRTM


Dr. Gwynn Powell is an educational experience designer who seeks to challenge students to do their best work because the people who are in their care deserve the safest and best experience possible. She has two decades of professional leadership of youth camp programs, a decade of experience serving as a cultural ambassador and study abroad leader in Russian youth camp programs. She is a two-time recipient of the Teaching Innovation award from the Society of Park and Recreation Educators and received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the National Recreation and Park Association. Her research addresses issues in higher education pedagogy and administrative challenges faced by youth development professionals. She is active with the American Camp Association and the International Camping Fellowship. Prior to returning to Clemson, she was a Professor in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Georgia from 2001-2013.

 Research Interests

Dr. Gwynn Powell's research addresses issues in higher education pedagogy and administrative challenges faced by youth development professionals.

 Research Publications

Powell, G.M., Duffy, L.N, Stone, G. Pinckney, H.P., Tucker, T. & Cathey, J. (2016). Triple Gain: Practical ideas for maximizing connections between students, faculty, and professionals. Schole: A Journal ofLeisure Studies and Recreation Education. 31 (2) 56-67.

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