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Faculty and Staff Profile

Heide Temples

Assistant Professor
Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

Office: 518 Edwards Hall, Clemson Univ
Phone: 803-318-4892
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 Educational Background

Ph.D. Healthcare Genetics
Clemson University 2014

M.S.N. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
University of Texas at Arlington 1993

B.S.N. Nursing
Michigan State University 1986

 Courses Taught

Family Nursing II: Child & Adolescent (Graduate) (2010-present)
Nursing Care of Children (Undergraduate) (2010-present)


Dr. Heide Temples teaches pediatrics to the graduate students in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at Clemson University. She completed her PhD in Healthcare Genetics and was a fellow in the Summer Genetics Institute (SGI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland. She has been an actively practicing pediatric nurse practitioner with over 20 years of clinical experience. She researched adolescent obesity at the University of South Carolina and was a research nurse at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Temples is presently researching the epigenetic influence of breastfeeding on the growth and development of children with the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia. She also is the president of the Gamma Mu Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Nurses Honor Society.

 Research Interests

Pediatric Growth & Development
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Pediatric Obesity

 Research Publications

McClellan, K, Temples, HS, Miller, L. (2017). The Latest in Teen Pregnancy Prevention: Long-Acting Reversible Contraception. The Journal for Pediatric Health Care. Submitted December 2017. Accepted February 2018, In Press.

Durham, J, Temples, HS. (2017). Celiac Disease in the Pediatric Population. The Journal for Pediatric Health Care. Accepted April 2018, In Press.

Sitton, C, Temples, HS. (2017). Practice Guidelines for Peanut Allergies. The Journal for Pediatric Health Care, 32, 1, pp. 98-102.

Temples, HS, Rogers CR, Willoughby D, Holaday B. (2017). Marfan Syndrome (MFS): Visual Diagnosis and Early Identification. The Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 31, 5, 609-617.

Temples, HS, Willoughby D, Holaday B, Rogers CR, Wueste D, Bridges W, Saffery R, Craig, JM. (2016). Breastfeeding and Growth of Children in the PETS: Theoretical Epigenetic Mechanisms. Journal of Human Lactation, 1-8. DOI: 10.1177/0890334416637594

Eggert, J. & Temples, HS. (2011). Genetics: The Family Pedigree. In Craft-Rosenberg, M., & Pehler, S. (Eds). Encyclopedia of Family Health: Journal of Family Nursing, 17(2), pp. 546-552. DOI: 10.1177/1074840711406423

 Honors and Awards

2017 International Nurses Association Featured in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare, Islip, New York.

2017 Evelyn Mundy Memorial Faculty Endowment Award, School of Nursing, College of Health, Education, and Human Development, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina.

2017 American Nurses Credentialing Center’s 2017 Certified Nurse Award, Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Silver Spring, Maryland.

2016 Greenville Health System, Institute for Advancement of Health Care Scholar.

2015 Content Expert for the American Nurses Credentialing Center, Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Specialty, Silver Spring, Maryland.

2014 Graduate Student Award of Excellence, College of Health, Education, and Human Development, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina.

2014 Palmetto Gold Award, Columbia, South Carolina.

2013 Professional Enrichment Grant, Clemson Graduate Student Government, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina.

2012 Mary Lohr Faculty Endowment Research Award, School of Nursing, Clemson University Clemson, South Carolina.

2012 South Carolina Deans and Directors of Nursing Education Scholarship, Columbia, South Carolina.

2010 - 2012 South Carolina Nurses Foundation Excellence in Nursing Fellowship, BlueCross BlueShield faculty development scholarship.


Breastfeeding and Growth of Children in the Peri/postnatal Epigenetic Twins Study (PETS): Theoretical Epigenetic Mechanisms
Marfan Syndrome: Visual Diagnosis and Early Identification
Guidelines for Peanut Allergies