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Faculty and Staff Profile

Hugh D Spitler


Office: 509 Edwards Hall
Phone: 864-656-7434
Fax: 864-656-6227
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 Educational Background

PhD Sociology
Emory Univerity 1985

MA Sociology
University of South Flordia 1974

MPH Public Health
Emory University 1996

BA Psychology/Sociology
Univeristy of South Florida 1972

 Courses Taught

Public Health Policy Ethics and Law
Health Maintenance for Men
Introduction to Public Health
Honors Thesis Seminar
Honors Research Seminar
Honors Research Colloquium


I currently serve as the Chair of the Clemson University Institutional Review Board. I also serve as a faculty senator. I am the director of the Departmental Honors Program in the Department of Public Health Sciences. I came to Clemson in the fall of 1996 after completing a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention focusing on HIV AIDS prevention.

 Research Interests

My primary research interests are alcohol abuse among adolescents and young adults, health care access for the poor and underserved, and exploring the social, economic, and political factors that influence population health.

 Research Publications

Shi, Lu, Truong, Khoa, Summey, Julie, Spitler, Hugh D. 2016 “Liquor Store Density and Acute Pancreatitis Hospitalization..” Journal of Substance Abuse , Accepted for publication May, 25, 2016 (in press).

Truong, Khoa, Mayorga, Maria, Reifsnider, Odette, Spitler, Hugh D. 2013 “Estimated Number of Pre-term Births and Low Birth Weight Children Born in the United States Due to Maternal Binge Drinking.” Maternal and Child Health , May, 17(4):677-688.

Light, LS, McCoy TP Thompson MP, Sutfin E, Spitler HD, and Rhode, S 2011 “Modeling the Rutgers Alcohol Problem Index (RAPI): A Comparison of Statistical Methods” Addiction Research and Theory, 19:510-518 .

Griffin, SF, Williams, JE, Hickman, P, Kirchner, A, Spitler HD 2011 “A university, community coalition and town partnership to promote walking.” Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, January, 2011.

Sherrill, WW, Spitler, HD., Havice, W. 2009 “Moving Beyond the Traditional Case Study in Health Services Administration Education: Creating a Distributed Learning Environment.” Journal of Health Administration Education, 25(3).

Thompson, M, Spitler, H., Brown, M, McCoy, T, Sutfin, E, and Rhodes, S. 2009 “The Moderating Role of Gender in the Prospective Associations Between Expectancies and High-Risk Drinking Among College Students.” Substance Abuse and Misuse, 44:934-942.

Sutfin, E, Sims, K, Thompson, M, Rhodes, S, and Spitler, H. 2009 “Protective Behaviors, and High-Risk Drinking Among Entering College Freshmes.” American Journal of Health BehaviorSept.-Oct., 33(5):610-619.