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Faculty and Staff Profile

Kelly Smith

Senior Lecturer
Family Nurse Practitioner

Office: 247 Clemson University Nursing
Phone: 864-221-5902

 Educational Background

2000 Clemson University
Nursing MS

1992 Clemson University
Nursing BS

 Courses Taught

N8230 NP Practicum
N8201 NP Pediatric Course
N4140 N4141 Community Health Clinical and Clinical Cooordinator
N3190 Health Assessment


Professor Smith is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (ANCC). Her background in Urgent Care and Internal Medicine. Currently she is a home care nurse practitioner in the Upstate South Carolina region. She has enjoyed teaching Pediatrics both in the clinical and in the classroom setting.

 Research Interests

Her Masters' thesis (2002) was a qualitative study investigating the states in the USA where there is autonomous nurse practitioner practice. She performed telephone interviews with lobbyists and/or nurse practitioners within the states where the legislation was approved. These participants in the study assisted in achieving the legislation for autonomy in nurse practitioner practice. Themes were identified and a manuscript published.

 Research Publications

Jacobson, S.; Eggert, J.; Smith. K.; Rosenzweig, T. Cytogenetics: Oncology Nurses
In Advanced Practice Decipher. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing 2012; 16(6);
Kennedy, L.H.; Pruitt, R.H.; Smith, K.J.; Garrell, R.F. Closing the Immunization
Gap. The Nurse Practitioner 2011; 36(3): 39-45.
Pruitt, R.H.; Westel, M.A.; Smith, K.J.; Spitler, H. How do we
Pass NP Autonomy Legislation? The Nurse Practitioner 2002; 27(3): 56-65.