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Faculty and Staff Profile

Jeffrey Kingree


Office: 517 Edwards Hall
Phone: 864-656-6946

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Psychology
Georgia State University 1993

M.A. Psychology
Florida Atlantic Universitya 1991

B.A. History
Vanderbilt University 1984

 Courses Taught

Introduction to Public Health
Adolescent Health
Secondary Data Analysis
Research Methods and Evaluation Strategies
Population Health

 Research Interests

Alcohol Misuse
Sexual Aggression

 Research Publications

Thompson, M., Kingree, J., & Lamis, D. (In press). Associations of adverse childhood experiences and suicidal behaviors in adulthood in a U.S. nationally representative sample. Child: Care, Health & Development.

Kingree, J. & Thompson, M. (In press). Sorority membership and sexual victimization among female college students: An examination of potential mediators of the association. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.
Kingree, J., Thompson, M., & Reutz, E. (2017). Heavy episodic drinking and sexual aggression among male college students: The protective influence of church attendance. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 32, 604 – 620.

Gao, Y., Shi, L., Smith, K.C., Kingree, J.B. and Thompson, M. (2016). Physical aggression and mindfulness among college students: Evidence from China and the United States. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 13, 480 - 487.

Kombe, D., Che, M., Kingree, J., and Klar, H. (Spring, 2016). What happened to single sex education in South Carolina's Middle Schools? South Carolina Association for Middle Level Education Journal, 8 - 17.

Thompson, M., Kingree, J., Zinzow, H. & Swartout, K. (2015). Time-varying risk factors and sexual aggression perpetration among male college students. Journal of Adolescent Health.
57, 637 – 642.

Kingree, J. & Thompson, M. (2015). A comparison of risk factors for alcohol-involved and
alcohol-uninvolved sexual aggression. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 30, 1478 - 1492.

Barrett, D. E., Katsiyannis, A., Zhang, D. & Kingree, J. (2015). Predictors of teen
childbearing among delinquent and non-delinquent females. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 24, 970 – 978.

Katsiyanis, A., Thompson, M., Barrett, D., & Kingree, J. (2013). School predictors of violent criminality in adulthood: Findings from a nationally representative longitudinal study. Remedial and Special Education, 34, 205 - 213.

Kingree, J. & Thompson, M. (2013). Fraternity membership and sexual aggression: An
examination of mediators of the association. Journal of American College Health, 61, 213-221.

Thompson, M.P., Kingree, J., Koss, M.P., Goree, J., & Rice, J. (2011). A prospective mediational model of male sexual aggression among college men. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 26, 2716 - 2734.

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