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Faculty and Staff Profile

Kenneth Robinson

Associate Professor
Community Development Specialist

Office: 130-C Brackett
Phone: (864) 656-1449
Fax: (864) 656-1252

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Development Sociology
Cornell University 2001

MPA Public Affairs
University of Texas - Austin 1988

B.S. Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology
Clemson University 1984

 Courses Taught

Family and Community Studies (FCS) 830
Rural Sociology (RS) 301
Applied Economics (AP EC) 490/899
Applied Economics (AP EC) 899
Rural Sociology (RS/SOC) 401/601
Rural Sociology (RS/SOC) 459/659
Community and Rural Development (CRD) 492
Community and Rural Development (CRD) 491

 Research Interests

“Community Development and Health Disparities Field Study in South Africa,” Clemson University Office of Global Engagement, Internationalization Seed Fund Proposal, Principal Investigator, $6,000 (2013-2014).

“Using Local Food Banks to Improve Sustainability of Small and Limited Resource Farms,” U.S. Department of Agriculture - Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI), Principal Investigator, $437,000 (2011-12).

“Bridging Specialty Crop Producers and Institutional Food Purchasers: Distilling a Research and Extension Agenda in Support of Local Food Systems in the Southeast, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Co-Investigator, $44,971 (2009).

“Engaged Department Initiative,” Clemson University Service Alliance, Co-Principal Investigator, $10,000 (2008).

Upper Savannah Council of Governments, Economic and Workforce Development Cluster Study; Co-Investigator, $89,000 (2008).

“Creative Inquiry research course on entrepreneurship and community economic development,” Clemson University Office of the Provost, Principal Investigator, $2500/semester (2007- ).

“Service- Learning Course Development Grant,” Clemson University Service Alliance, Principal Investigator, $1,000 (2007).

“Citizens and Scholars mini-grant,” Clemson University Service Alliance, Principal Investigator, $4,988 (2007).

“Entrepreneurship and Community Economic Development in South Carolina,” Hatch Project Number SC-1700313, Principal Investigator (2006-11).

“Co-Directing and Evaluating the Growing Foods Locally Initiative,” USDA Community Food Project Grant, Co-Investigator, $37,387, ($4,000), (2005-08).

“EDA University Center for Clemson University,” U.S. Department of Commerce, Co-Investigator, $480,000 ($45,000), (2006-09).

“Learning lessons and moving forward to relative invulnerability: disaster resilience and preparedness," Hatch Project Number SC-1700339, Co-Investigator

 Research Publications

Lori A. Dickes and Kenneth L. Robinson Chapter 30 Rural Entrepreneurship in Rural America in a Globalizing World, edited by Conner Bailey, Leif Jensen and Elizabeth Ransom Morganton, West Virgina: West Virginia University Press. In-press.

Tihanyi, Krisztina and Kenneth L. Robinson. Chapter 1 Setting the in Case Studies of South Africa’s Emerging Farmers and Agribusinesses, edited by Edward Mabaya, Krisztina Tihanyi, Mohammed Karaan, and Johan van Rooyen. Stellenbosch, South Africa: SunMedia. October 2011.

Robinson, Kenneth L., et al. The Arkansas Delta Produce Marketing Association: Rural Entrepreneurship in the U.S. Delta Region. Chapter 11 in The Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and Rural Development, edited by Gry Alsos, Sara Carter, Elisabet Ljunggren, and Friederike Welter. (2011), Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc.

Dickes, Lori and Kenneth L. Robinson, “An Institutional Perspective on Rural Entrepreneurship,” American Journal of Entrepreneurship, (In press).

Partnerships as a Tool to Reduce Regional Labor Gaps: A South Carolina Regional Case Study,” Journal of the Community Development Society 2012.

Slocum, Sue, Kenneth L. Robinson, and Kenneth F. Backman, “Tourism Pathways to Prosperity: Perspectives on the informal economy in Tanzania” Tourism Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol. 16, No. 1/2 (2011).

Dickes, Lori A. and Kenneth L. Robinson, “Enhancing Cluster Effects to Reduce Regional Labor-Supply Gaps: An Example in South Carolina,” Journal of Extension (October 2010).

Young, Frank W. and Kenneth L. Robinson, “An Ecological Regional Analysis of South Carolina,” Social Indicators Research (August 2010).

Barkley, David L., Daniel C. Eades, Lori A. Dickes, Mark S. Henry, David W. Hughes, and Kenneth L. Robinson, “Workforce Occupations and Skills Projections: Upper Savannah Council of Governments Region 2000-2016 Executive Summary,” EDA University Center for Economic Development and Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development, Clemson University, UCED Research Report 06-2008-01, (June 2008).