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Faculty and Staff Profile

Francis A McGuire

Interim Chair

Office: 263 Lehotsky Hall
Phone: 864-656-2183

 Educational Background

University of Illinois 1979

Penn State 1975

Cornell University 1975

 Courses Taught

Concepts of Leisure
Behavioral Concepts in Parks, Recreation and Tourism
Recreation and Society (On-line class)
Leadership and Group Processes in Recreation
Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation
Therapeutic Recreation Processes
Therapeutic Recreation for Selected Populations
Recreation and Leisure for Special Populations
Research and Evaluation in Recreation
Leisure Service for the Elderly
Therapeutic Recreation and Activity Therapy Administration
Graduate Teaching Seminar
Behavioral Aspects of PRTM


I am currently serving as Interim Chair of the Department

 Research Interests

leisure in later life

 Research Publications

Huang, Y. C., Backman, S. J., Chang, L. L., Backman, K. F., & McGuire, F. A. (2013) Experiencing Student
Learning and Tourism Training in a 3D Virtual World: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Hospitality,
Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education. 13, 190-201.

Huang, Y., Backman, S., McGuire, F., Backman, K, & Chang, L (2013) Second Life: The potential of 3D virtual worlds in the travel and tourism industry. Tourism Analysis, 18 (4).

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