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Faculty and Staff Profile

Sara Grumbles Crocker


Office: Daniel 416
Phone: 864-656-1567
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 Educational Background

MA Communication, Technology, and Society
Clemson University 2014

BA Communication
Anderson University 2009

 Courses Taught

COMM 1500
COMM 2500


I currently serve as the faculty advisor for CU\'s chapter of Youth Movement Against Alzheimer\'s (YMAA) and on the Basic Courses Committee for the Department of Communication. I am currently completing my first year in Clemson\'s faculty mentoring program.

 Research Interests

Religious communication, pedagogy, gender studies, technology apprehension

 Research Publications

Crocker, S. & Hulehan, J. (2015, February). What a tangled web we weave: Technology apprehension and achievement emotions. Paper presented at the meeting of the National Association of Developmental Education, Greenville, S.C.

Crocker, S. (2013, February) Flash without feminism: A glimpse into the politics of gender in the American megachurch. Paper presented at Florida State University’s 12th Annual Graduate Student Symposium: The Politics of Religion, Tallahassee, FL.