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Faculty and Staff Profile

Stephanie Michelle Pangborn

Assistant Professor

Phone: 864-656-3855

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Health Communication & Relating and Organizing
Ohio University 2014

M.A. Organizational Communication
Western Michigan University 2010

B.A. Visual Communication
Spring Arbor University 2006

 Courses Taught

COMM 3010 - Communication Theory
COMM 3110 - Qualitative Research Methods in Communication
COMM 3990 - Creative Inquiry - Memory Care Creative Studio
COMM 4660 - Special Topics - Narrative Resources for Resiliency, Community, and Social Change
COMM 4700 - Communication and Health
COMM 4950 - Senior Capstone Seminar
COMM 6700 - Qualitative Health Communication (MACTS)
COMM 8110 - Communication Research Methods II (MACTS)
COMM 8640 - Communication and Organizing (MACTS)

 Research Interests

Guided by aesthetic, narrative, and feminist sensibilities, my scholarly agenda focuses on the communicative experience of well-being (social, emotional, psychological) for individuals, families, friendships, communities, and society at large. My aim is to (1) explore the complex ways that the primary dimensions of health are experienced within cultural, political, and economic social structures, (2) celebrate the ways that edifying relationship is pursued amid the myriad markers of difference that individuals confront in their daily lives, and (3) uncover opportunities in which individuals might collectively reconstruct more just social conditions in which everyone has the potential to thrive. Specifically, I am interested in practices of cultivating inclusive communities which acknowledge, engage, and appreciate the varieties of individuals’ age, ability, health condition, gender, class, and experience that too often impose relational challenges rather than invite growth and connection. The contexts of most interest to me are life-altering health experiences, community-based health activism, storytelling for social change, intergenerational relationships, young adult populations, and service learning in university communities.


Service Learning Webcast - \"Seniors to Seniors: Real Life, Real Needs, Real Change\"