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Faculty and Staff Profile

Wayne Freimund

Professor and Chair, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

Office: Lehotsky Hall 267
Phone: 864-656-3036
Fax: 864-656-2226
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 Educational Background

1994 Forestry and Recreation Resource Management
University of Minnesota Ph.D.

1990 Wildland Management
West Virginia University M.S.

1986 Recreation, Park and Leisure Studies
University of Minnesota B.S.


Professor and Chair, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management • Guide, manage and advocate for a large faculty and staff that provides transformative educational experiences and socially impactful research that affects most facets of local and global quality of life. • Provide inclusive processes for visioning and applying resources toward departmental goals. • Communicate on behalf of the department to University, stakeholder and national audiences. • Provide a nurturing educational environment for all students. • Ensure fiscally responsibility, increased research funding and philanthropic activity.

 Research Interests

Visitor use and management within national parks. Capacity building for protected area management, both domestically and globally.

 Research Publications

Miller, Z.D., Wayne Freimund, Elisibeth Covelli Metcalf and Norma Nickerson (2017): Targeting your audience: Wildlife value Orientations and the relevance of messages about bear safety. Human Dimensions of Wildlife.

Miller, Z.D. and Wayne Freimund (2017): Using visual-based social norm methods to understand distance-related human–wildlife interactions, Human Dimensions of Wildlife, DOI: 10.1080/10871209.2017.1397825

Miller, Z.D. amd W. A. Freimund. 2017. Visual Visitors: Facebook Users and National Parks. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration. 35(3):136-150.

Kwenye, J.M. and W.A. Freimund. 2016. Domestic tourists’ loyalty to a natural tourist setting: Examining predictors from relational and transactional perspectives using a Zambian context. Tourism Management Perspectives (20) 161-173.

van Wyk, E, Nkhata, B, Breen, C., and W. A. Freimund. 2016. Sustaining ecological restoration through social transformation. In: Ecological Restoration: Global Challenges, Social Aspects and Environmental Benefits. Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Hauppauge, NY.

McCool, S.F. and W. A. Freimund. 2015. Maintaining relevancy: Implications of changing societal connections to wilderness for stewardship agencies. Journal of Forestry. 114(❚):000–000

McCool, S.F., Freimund, W. A. and C.M. Breen. 2015. Chapter 10: Benefiting from complexity thinking. In: Worboys, G.L, Lockwood, M & A. Kothari. The Protected Area Governance and Management Book.

Khumalo, K.E., Haddix-McKay, K., and W. A. Freimund. 2015. Who is a “Real Woman?” Empowerment and the discourse of respectability in Namibia’s Caprivi Strip. Women’s Studies International Forum. 48. DOI: 10.1016/j.wsif.2014.10.002.

van Wyk, E., Breen C. and W.A. Freimund. 2014. Meanings and robustness: Propositions for enhancing benefit sharing in social-ecological systems. International Journal of the Commons. 8(2) 576-594.

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McCool, S.F., Nkhata, B., Breen, C., and W. A. Freimund. 2013. A heuristic framework for reflecting on protected areas and their stewardship in the 21st century. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 1(1-2): 9-17.

Freimund, W. A. and R. Fincham. 2012. Transboundary conservation management, research and learning: A South African and United States perspective. In: Quinn, M.S., Borberg, L. & W.A. Freimund (Eds). Parks, Peace and Partnership: Global Initiatives in Transboundary Conservation. University of Calgary Press. ISSN 1919-7144.

McCool, S, Yi-Chung Hsu, S. Brant Rocha, A. Dóra Sæþórsdóttir, L. Gardner and W. A. Freimund. 2012. Building the capability to manage tourism as support for the Aichi Target. Parks. 18(1):92-106.

Freimund. W.A. 2012. Protecting the Glacier National Park experience: Access, wildness and pristine nature. Montana Professor. 22(2):11-13.

Murray, K, Roux, D.J., Nel, J.L., Driver, A. & W.A. Freimund. 2011. Absorptive capacity as a guiding concept for effective public sector management and conservation of freshwater ecosystems. Environmental Management. 47(5): 917-925.

Quinn, M.S., Borberg, L. & W.A. Freimund (Eds). 2011. Parks, Peace and Partnership: Global Initiatives in Transboundary Conservation. University of Calgary Press. ISSN 1919-7144.

Freimund, W.A., J. Sacklin, M. Patterson, Bosak, K and S. Walker Saxen. 2011. Soundscape and the winter visitor experience. Yellowstone Science. 19(2):6-13.

Tanner, R., Freimund, W.A. and E. van Wyk. 2010. Legitimacy and the use of natural resources in Kruger National Park, South Africa. International Journal of Sociology. 40(3):71-85.
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Nkhata, A., Breen, C., & W.A. Freimund. 2008. Resilient social relationships and collaboration in the management of social-ecological systems. Ecology and Society 13(1): 2 online.

Tanner, R.J., Freimund, W.A., Borrie, W.T. & R. N. Moisey. 2008. A Meta study of the values of visitors to four protected areas in western United States. Leisure Sciences. 30(5): 377-390.
Yung, L, Patterson, M. E. and W.A. Freimund. 2010. Rural community views on the role of local and extralocal interests in public lands governance. Society & Natural Resources. 23(12):1170 – 1186.

Yung, L, Freimund, W.A., & J. Chandler-Peplnjak. 2008. Rural community perspectives on roadless lands. International Journal of Wilderness. 14(2):14-23.

 Honors and Awards

2016. Benton Box Award for recognition as a teacher who by precept and example inspires in students the quest for knowledge and encourages curriculum innovation to inculcate an “environmental ethic” as the rule of conduct. Clemson Institute for Parks, Clemson University.

2011 University of Montana Distinguished Service to International Education Award